Greetings! Today marks the first post of this blog. I would like to take this time to explain what you can expect to see here and follow up with a question to you, my dear readers.

First of all, what is Clancularian and Clancularianism? It’s actually a made up derivative of Clancularius. A Latin word I found on Google translate to refer to what’s hidden or unknown.

Why? Because that, my friends is what I hope to engage you with in this blog.

With each passing day it seems I become more aware of missing information and details. Awareness of some importance perhaps but remaining elusive enough to yet evade my grasp.

To resolve this issue I need some pretty serious help to consider what has not already occured to me and assist me in mitigating what I may never realize. That, is why I come to you in this way.

I need you to challenge me. To find the stated facts of a given topic as perceived by people online. Summarized  with references to the webpage where the data came from. To begin with, please take it easy on me however and ask me simple questions to truths which are attainable with reading and research which can be done online.

I will decide what to research and post my results based on questions posted in the comments below each article. The results I am looking for are redundancies and patterns of a given view for both arguments. If no reasonable questions are presented, I will attempt to come up with something on my own based on what I think might be a hot topic or debate. My intent is to be as unbiased in my research as possible. If my methods need improvement, please offer suggestions. I do not provide my personal assessment of these details in much scope. I feel it is best for you to evaluate and either use or ignore the data as you choose. I am simply summarizing a general balance of perspective sampled from the internet. If the information you seek is sensitive… please be sure to ask anonymously.


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