More than just Electromagnetism

If you guys haven’t guessed it yet, technology is one of my many obsessions. Used poorly, technology could rip the world asunder. Used properly, technology can provide the all too illusive Utopian existence for us all.

I’ve mentioned some pretty advanced technologies on this blog so far, but as there are no special requests in other topics yet, I’d like to revisit some root elements of today’s technology like electromagnetism. So, here is an article on the research I did to do just that.



One of the great achievements of science was merging electricity and magnetism into the theory of electromagnetism. —

Electromagnetism is the creation of electricity by passing a magnet through a series of coiled wires repeatedly. —

Electromagnetism is a balanced combination of electricity and magnetism. —

In electromagnetism, the basic source of all the forces is the charge in the electron. —

Human use of electromagnetism for power and communications has produced an abnormal electromagnetic environment unlike anything that existed before. —

The universe is a hologram of electromagnetism flowing from plus energy to minus energy in space and time. —

Electromagnetism is pulse rates upon which energy vibrates. —

Electromagnetism was discovered by the Danish scientist Oersted. —


Electromagnetism and gravity are two different forces. —

Both gravitation and electromagnetism are propagated with the speed of light. —

In summary, there are two long-range forces in the Universe, electromagnetism and gravity. —

Gravity is much weaker than electromagnetism, yet gravity dominates in the realm of astronomical distances. —

Gravitational Radiation is to gravity what light is to electromagnetism. —

Gravity is a much weaker force than electromagnetism. —


Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces of nature along with weak nuclear forces, strong nuclear forces and electromagnetism. —

The four forces, gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces can be viewed as music. —

The four forces are gravity, electromagnetism, the strong, and the weak nuclear forces. —

There are four fundamental forces, namely gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force. —

If electromagnetism and the weak force can be combined, can we do the same with the strong force and gravity. —

Regular neutrinos are immune to electromagnetism and the strong nuclear force, feeling only the weak nuclear force and gravity. —


The rules of electromagnetism are responsible for the way charged particles of atoms interact. —

Electromagnetism and gravity produce significant forces at macroscopic scales where the effects can be seen directly in every day life. —

In particle physics, photons are responsible for electromagnetic force. —

Electromagnetism to the rescue With fusion we are talking about temperatures so high that all materials are gaseous plasma. —

Electromagnetism is the physical phenomenon associated with the theory of electrodynamics. —

Bosons are the carriers or forces like electromagnetism and gravity, which hold the bricks of our universe together. —

The use of electromagnetism as a source of power holds great hope as a replacement for fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment. —

In recognition of his contributions to the theory of electromagnetism, the international unit of magnetic induction is known as the gauss. —

For Electromagnetism the force carrier is the Photon. —

The principles of electromagnetism come alive when a magnet is rotated, using kinetic energy, inside the generator. —

There are different types of magnetism that include electromagnetism, ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, and diamagnetism. —

Electromagnetism Electricity and magnetism are closely related. —

Electromagnetism is the force responsible for lightning and carrying electricity into our homes. —

Electromagnetism When a wire is moved in a magnetic field, the field induces a current in the wire. —

The theoretical implications of electromagnetism led to the development of special relativity by Albert Einstein in 1905. —

Ions and molecules are invisible portions of the electromagnetism present throughout the entire universe. —

Light is inherently associated with electromagnetism. —

From falling balls to an electric shock, gravity and electromagnetism are the forces we experience daily. —

One of the pinnacles of nineteenth-century physics is the theory of electromagnetism developed by the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell. —

Gravity and electromagnetism can be called organizing principles that arrange matter in different ways. —


What people really know about Ebola?

It wasn’t so long ago that the media was all but screaming about Ebola running rampant in Africa and how healthcare workers were getting infected. In the last year or so, talk about Ebola has all but died into nothingness. I decided to pull up some info just to recap and see things from a broader perspective.

My results are as follows…
There is currently no known cure for Ebola, a form of hemorrhagic fever whose symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding. —

The Ebola virus causes an acute, serious illness which is often fatal if untreated. —

The Ebola virus is not airborne, so people would have to come into contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. —

Studies are now showing that former Ebola patients will experience everything from headaches to memory loss and long term vision issues. —

Keep in mind that conventional medicine has no effective treatments for the Ebola virus. —

Upon contraction of the Ebola virus, the illness begins with flu-like symptoms, body aches, fatigue, headaches, and fever. —

Although several clinical trials are currently underway, there are no licensed vaccines or therapies against Ebola virus. —

Currently there are no proven medications or vaccines for Ebola. —

A doctor under the best containment materials, contracted Ebola, and yet the CDC says that the average citizen has nothing to worry about. —

Improved quality of case investigation, contact tracing and monitoring is needed to stop Ebola transmission today. —

The Ebola virus is thought to be transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human contact. —

All caregivers are trained in the necessary precautions to protect against blood and body fluid contamination from diseases like Ebola. —

The guidance is most relevant for hospital staff caring for a patient under investigation or patient with confirmed Ebola virus disease. —

The first rule of Ebola is to NEVER EVER touch a person infected with Ebola, that is the primary way to get infected. —

Experts say the risk of catching Ebola from another person is low. —

military scientists are conducting research on infecting spider webs with Ebola and Plague. —

The virus is only transmitted by close contact with the bodily fluids, such as blood, of an infected person who is already ill with Ebola. —

Health workers are at the highest risk of contracting Ebola. —

Exposure to the virus has occurred when health care workers treated individuals with Ebola without wearing sufficiently protective clothing. —

As of May 2015, 507 health-care workers have died from Ebola. —

Health experts say a specialized isolation unit is not needed for treating an Ebola patient. —

Ebola is spread through bodily fluids, including sweat, saliva, and blood. —

The fact that modern medicine has almost no effective antiviral drugs is what makes serious viral infections like Ebola so scary. —

People in the United States with any level of risk for Ebola are being monitored. —

The American media is intent on promoting the Ebola hype as a prelude. —

In the event of a possible Ebola infection, the national Ebola procedure will be started. —

To date as far as open sources are concerned no signature of Ebola arriving in Libya has been detected. —

Extensive resources are required to identify appropriate conservation actions in the face of the spread of Ebola. —

The hospital has an Ebola Treatment Unit and has treated and saved several patients from the deadly virus. —

China has increased assistance to Africa, and taken the lead in helping African countries to fight against Ebola epidemic. —

Subsequent evidence indicates that gorillas are highly susceptible to Ebola. —

There is currently no licensed treatment for Ebola, although new vaccines and drug therapies are being developed and tested. —

Transmission Spread through bodily fluids of a person who is sick with or has died from Ebola. —

A big concern to researchers is the fate of blood samples taken from Ebola patients. —

Some things that can be done to assist manage the Ebola situation would certainly be to set up even more healthcare workers. —

TREATMENT There are no drugs currently available for the treatment of Ebola. —

Canadian Red Cross is currently seeking clinicians and others to work in Ebola treatment centres in West Africa. —

Awareness sessions included distribution of posters and conducting health talks, the focus of which was both eye health and Ebola. —

Canada’s support is designed to save lives and stop the spread of Ebola. —

Forms of infection control utilized in 14th century Venice could be used to inform management of the Ebola virus. —

Craig Spencer was working for Doctors Without Borders in Guinea treating Ebola patients. —

Spencer is a physician working for Doctors Without Borders and recently returned to New York after treating Ebola victims in West Africa. —

Should people traveling to Africa be worried about the outbreak Ebola has been reported in multiple countries in West Africa Countries. —

Together we can stop Ebola The Words Against Ebola campaign is being launched at parallel media events in Europe and West Africa. —

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has reported cases of Ebola. —

If there are concerns that the patient could meet the criteria for Ebola, immediately separate the patient from others. —

Can monkeys spread Ebola Yes, monkeys are at risk for Ebola. —

Ebola is extremely infectious but not extremely contagious. —

Neither group is identifying the patient in any way except to say he or she was working at an Ebola clinic the charity operates. —

The appropriate homeopathic medicine is likely to be just as effective against the Ebola virus. —

The local government says forced isolation orders will remain in effect until Ebola is eradicated. —

There are still no fully approved vaccines or treatments against Ebola, though some trials have shown promising results. —

Ebola can be caught from both humans and animals. —

As a fatal disease with no effective treatment, ebola research takes place in Biological Safety Level-4 facilities. —

How about Monsanto?

I like digging at the crazy debate topics to see what I might find online. I aim for a general knowledge reference that is created and sourced inĀ  an unbiased way wherever possible, based on a generalization of reviews found online. I quote each site I reference.

Some of my results will seem to be duplicates. Repetitious entries are a good way of checking for automated or paid content development pushing a given idea.

I try not to put my own interpretation on too many things here. I think it’s best people review whats there for themselves and come to their own conclusions.


Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Monsanto is a company committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of agricultural solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Monsanto has thrown down the gauntlet by threatening to withdraw from India. —

As contractors for the United States Government, Monsanto was the largest and most deadly producer of Agent Orange. —

For our part, because we are consumers ourselves, safety is a priority for every person who works at Monsanto. —

Either mankind will stop Monsanto or Monsanto will stop mankind. —

Monsanto and the Court System Monsanto is no stranger to either side of the courtroom. —

As consumers ourselves, the safety of our products is paramount to everyone who works at Monsanto. —

Plant patents are a hot topic in agriculture, and Monsanto usually ends up being part of the conversation. —

represent individuals throughout the United States who are pursuing financial compensation from Monsanto. —

Monsanto demanded a retraction by the World Health Organization but the WHO has rightfully decided not to do that. —

There are even lawsuits where Monsanto won against farmers, with Monsanto claiming violation of patent protections. —

There is no question that Monsanto is on a mission to monopolize the conventional seed market. —

Rick Monsanto is fear mongering all the time by claiming that we have to have GMOs to save the world food supply. —

The fact is that environmental contamination is inevitable when companies like Monsanto are allowed to experiment with nature and our food supply. —

Monsanto is said to be building a corn processing plant in the Ukraine. —

The Nature Conservancy is in partnership with Monsanto and Lockheed Martin. —

The DARK Act is just one instance where Monsanto profits would be shielded, without regard for basic human rights. —

At Monsanto, we are committed to recruiting and retaining. —

To complement what Monsanto is doing, Pioneer is doing the same. —

The Prospecting Team continuously looks for innovative technologies that will help build, extend, and support the Monsanto technology portfolio. —

Methods used by Monsanto to hide problems are varied and plentiful. —

Investing in the Future Monsanto is committed to supporting the sustainability and growth of the agricultural industry. —

Note carefully that such research would never be conducted in a US university because they’ve been infiltrated and bought off by Monsanto. —

Fighting for people over profits Shareholders are worried that Monsanto is keeping them in the dark. —

Starbucks has joined forces with Monsanto to sue Vermont over a new GMO labeling law. —

Monsanto became one of 10-36 producers of Agent Orange for US Military operations in Vietnam. —

About Project SHARE Project SHARE was developed as a partnership between Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals and Monsanto. —

Food production Seeds and the growing of any food will be controlled by Monsanto, via the UN. —

There are several substantiated complaints against Monsanto. —

The March against Monsanto was notable in several key respects. —

Workers at the Monsanto plant in Nitro seem to have been the first victims of 2,4,5-T. —

There has been a growing worldwide movement against Monsanto. —

Farming is a difficult enough proposition without having to spend money to protect ourselves from Monsanto. —

Monsanto has major connections with political heads that have actually threatened trade wars against nations opposed to GMOs on record. —

In America, no one is forced to use Monsanto seeds. —

The protest is called MARCH against Monsanto. —

There are not many organic seed companies in Canada and we are quite vulnerable to the likes of Monsanto. —

Over the past few years the world seed market has been consolidated into the hands of very few companies of which MONSANTO is premiere. —

Monsanto is making HUGE profits around the world. —

The US government placed orders from many companies for Agent Orange, and Monsanto was one of them. —

Monsanto is a publicly traded company near St Louis, Missouri, in Creve Coeur. —

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Monsanto. —

Monsanto Canada is seeking a highly motivated individual to join the Monsanto Technical Support team as a Monsanto Technical Support Supervisor. —

A request for comment from Monsanto was not immediately returned Wednesday afternoon. —

Some of the companies that are associated with Monsanto are Nestle, Coca-Cola and Kraft. —

Monsanto is committed to all job seekers including individuals with disabilities. —

Monsanto has a long track record of manufacturing chemicals and infusing them into products that Americans use and consume daily. —

The test methods used by Monsanto are designed to minimize the chances of abnormalities appearing with GMO feeding. —

To activists concerned about the environmental and human health consequences of genetic engineering, Monsanto was evil incarnate. —

March Against Monsanto works diligently to make sure the public knows that the movement is not just about food. —

BENEFITS OF GMOs The face of GMO crops in the United States is the Monsanto Company. —

Monsanto has spent millions learning how to control plant traits using genetic sprays. —

Monsanto representatives have stated the EU has verbally acknowledged authorization, yet written formal authorization has not been obtained. —

The Monsanto provision is not included in either of the Senate or House FY14 Agriculture Appropriations bills, and that is a good thing. —

Brazil has proved to be an unexpected sticking point for Monsanto. —

Several Council of Canadians chapters will be participating in the March against Monsanto Everywhere day of action. —

Monsanto has been accused numerous times of fraud, threats to health, accused of ecological disasters and false evidence. —

There are so many more connections that show how harmful Monsanto is, and how we need to make better choices in our own lives. —

Monsanto will be ready for the future and will have seeds for every contingency. —

Monsanto has been accused numerous times of fraud, threats to health, ecological disasters, and false evidence. —

People need to educate themselves and not allow Monsanto and the like to interrupt what nature has been doing for hundreds of years to make a buck. —

Monsanto will seek the consent of the Customer before confidential information is discussed in front of the support person. —

Partner with Monsanto External collaborations are a key to our promise of delivering innovative new products in the future. —

Monsanto is becoming increasingly dependent on GMO crops. —

Monsanto is as involved in plant breeding as we are in developing biotech traits. —

Raising production, with farmers saving seed and not required to pay royalties to Monsanto. —

Monsanto is already a major player on the European seed market. —

Well one place to look is at the total spent on donations and lobbying by companies like Monsanto for clues. —

The Monsanto studies only prove that data can be manipulated, not that the products are safe. —

Business filings show that Monsanto not only sold more, but was more profitable, as well. —

The US Supreme Court declared that corporations are people, so Monsanto at least is a person. —

Monsanto has met with controversy in recent years as many people protest the use and development of genetically modified organisms. —

Genetically engineered crops are not just about profits for Monsanto, they’re about solving the inexorable problem of population growth. —

Monsanto is responsible for the destruction of many farms, the reduction in crop varieties, and the development of resistant weeds and pests. —

There are a handful of companies like Monsanto that are trying to change the global food landscape. —

Until Monsanto and science studies everything, we must assume that GMOs are unsafe. —

Patents are the incentive for private companies to invest in research, whether we are talking about Apple or Monsanto. —

Through his financial investments with Monsanto, Gates has been able to make his depopulation desire all the more closer to reality. —

Monsanto is an agricultural company committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Back in days, Monsanto was responsible for some of the most damaging toxins in US history. —

There is to be a worldwide demonstration against the insane greed of MONSANTO. —

Monsanto is committed to delivering innovative tools and technologies that help farmers conserve more resources. —

Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish a growing world. —

The Early Days Monsanto is an American company with offices around the world. —

To activists worldwide Monsanto is somewhere between Al Qaeda and Satan himself in the pantheon of evil. —

Over the last century, Monsanto was responsible for bringing many controversial substances to the market. —


One of my good friends had an interest in graphene a while back and so you could say, I did the leg work on this one some time ago. I did do a bunch of reading and editing again to get it all lined up though.



GRAPHENE, a form of carbon that comes in sheets a single atom thick, has gained a reputation as a wonder material. —

Graphene is sort of like the high-tech version of cling wrap. —

Graphene is the basic structural element of some carbon allotropes including graphite, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. —

Graphene is a fascinating material with very unique properties, processes, and usages. —

Graphene is the basic structural element of several carbon allotropes including graphite, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. —

Ordinary graphene consists of carbon sheets that are single or few atomic layers thick. —

Graphene is composed of a carbon sheet. —

Graphene is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. —

Graphene is a two-dimensional form of carbon in which the atoms are bonded into a honeycomb arrangement. —

Graphene is a lattice of carbon atoms so thin it’s considered to be two-dimensional. —

Graphene is a layer of carbon atoms that form a lattice that resembles chicken wire. —



Conductivity & Applications

Graphene is a highly conductive material, lightweight, transparent and strong. —

Graphene can be used as an electrode when liquid electrolytes are added. —

The electrical conductivity of graphene enhanced composites has already been established. —

On top of that, graphene is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and has interesting light absorption abilities. —

Graphene conducts electricity, and can be transparent, soft and very thin, the researchers explained. —

The electronic properties of graphene are sensitive to geometry. —

The high thermal conductivity of graphene is important for proposed electronic applications of graphene. —

Graphene has extreme conductivity and is completely transparent while being inexpensive and nontoxic. —

The researchers do not think superconducting graphene will be used to develop more efficient power lines. —

Graphene has proven to be one of the most popular advanced materials in recent developments. —

Graphene is only one carbon atom thick and is one of the thinnest and strongest materials in the world. —

Graphene is a 2D material made of carbon atoms, arranged in a honeycomb lattice. —

Graphene has the same structure of carbon atoms linked in hexagonal shapes to form carbon nanotubes, but graphene is flat rather than cylindrical. —

In graphene each carbon atom has three electrons that are bound to electrons in neighboring atoms, forming chemical bonds. —

Graphene is an ideal candidate for transparent electrodes in solar cells with high transparency, good conductivity and potentially low cost. —

Although the application of graphene in solar cells is only theoretical, the potential could be staggering. —

Graphene has a lot of possible applications in the fields of electricity, conductivity, energy generation, batteries, sensors and more. —

Conventional battery electrode materials can be significantly improved when enhanced with graphene. —


Making Graphene

May 2, 2013 Graphene can be created by way of thermal decomposition at high vacuum. —

The first integrated circuit made of graphene was made by researchers at IBM. —

Graphene has been created with synthetic graphite. —

Key to the operation of the graphene is impurities in rainwater, particularly salts which disassociate into positive and negative ions. —

In general, graphene is obtained by exfoliation from graphite. —



Orgone Energy – Internet Buzz

Orgone energy sounds pretty new-age but I’ve had a few friends ask me to do the research on it so… here goes!


Orgone energy was originally discovered By Wilhelm Reich in 1939. —

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich in his psychiatric work. —

Wilhelm Reich , known for his psychological theories on fascism, later became involved with orgone energy pseudoscience. —

Dr Reich was the first person to develop tools for working with live orgone energy. —

Reich was apparently correct when describing DOR as an orgone energy that has become stale and rigid. —

The idea of orgone energy was an expansion of a controversial Freudian theory on sexual energy. —

Orgone energy is the life energy, and as such is responsible for the special characteristics which differentiate living from non-living. —

Orgone energy is the source of spin of all things and electromagnetic and gravitational fields. —

Orgone energy is the life energy and as such is responsible for the special characteristics which differentiate the living from the nonliving. —

Orgone energy and electromagnetic frequencies can be viewed as being integral parts of a continuum that encompasses both. —

Orgone energy seems to be the basis of life, but can be toxic in excess, according to Reich. —

orgone energy is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts and magick. —

Orgone energy has been known to the Chinese people, as “chi”, for thousands of years. —

” Orgone energy is a massless life force that is, perhaps, tapped into through the laying on of hands.” —

Orgone energy is energy before matter. —

Matter is created from orgone energy. —


Orgone energy is scalar energy on four different rates. —

Lightning is a discharge of accumulated orgone energy in the atmosphere. —

Orgone energy is good for plants, in moderation. —

Orgone energy can be organized within a system as well as being used as a form of communication. —

Orgone energy is attracted and conducted by metals. —

To date, Alex Schiffer has converted four car engines to run on orgone energy using the Joe Cell Method. —

A free mind assimilates Orgone energy in large quantities and is inherently creative able to respond to any environmental influence. —

“Entropy decreases” as orgone energy is distributed more and more unevenly. —

Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonances will penetrate all substances including solid walls and plastic of any kind. —

Orgone energy is all around us and inside of us. —

Free energy will come from the dielectric field where energy grows rather than decays, perhaps orgone energy will be the way. —

Orgone energy is found throughout the universe and flows from the sun to the earth. —

In fact, nothing that is the result of applied orgone energy is “para” normal. —

Orgone energy has not be shown to exist. —

orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight. —

Orgone energy is not easily blocked by haphazard walls of metal, glass, or plastic. —

The main function of orgone energy is to clean stagnant and negative energy. —

Being mass free, orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight. —

The inner life energy is stimulated from the outer orgone energy in the atmosphere. —

Orgone Energy and Orgonite In short Orgonite is a combination of Polymer, Copper wire, Crystals and Metal Shavings. —

Deadly Orgone Energy is found in dirty, polluted areas. —

Pollution and smog are states of stagnant energy weighed down with deadly orgone energy. —

Even after doing all this research on it, I find that I still have some questions. However, I did notice that there was very little conflict over the online view in terms of the validity of Orgone energy. The research, as with prior topics is based on search engine results from the basic search terms. As with prior articles, redundancy in how things are perceived is important to paint the picture. Like all prior articles, I’ve linked to the source where I got the information.

Vaccines – Internet Perspective

Vaccines are a hot topic, almost a little too hot to handle. Some people I’ve talked to are certain vaccines are not just unnecessary but harmful. Others say that not only are vaccines necessary but EVERYBODY should be vaccinated without a choice.

These perspectives seem a little extreme. For no better reason than curiosity, I’m going to see what a random selection of websites on the topic might yield and summarize the results.

There was a lot of reading on this one but I think I have a reasonably broad layout of both arguments below.

The earliest vaccines were developed by scientists whose purposes were benevolent, and the use of vaccinations was too. —

Vaccination is a triumph of preventative healthcare. —

Vaccines are available that can induce some degree of protection against several of the major diseases of cattle. —

The United States has access to the safest, most effective vaccines in history. —

The number of autism cases has risen greatly since the 1970s, as the number of vaccines a child receives continues to rise dramatically. —

There is an abundance of scientific research that fails to show a link between vaccines and autism. —

The prototype vaccines are validated in vitro. —

The fact that there are no effective vaccines for emerging infectious diseases lends even greater urgency to vaccine research. —

The National Adult Immunization Plan is targeting all adults for mandatory use of federally recommended vaccines as well. —

Therapeutic antibodies are used as passive vaccines, for cancer therapy or controlling autoimmune diseases. —

Potentially deadly vaccines that parents are NEVER made aware of or given the option to refuse. —

New vaccines are currently under investigation, with trials including infants and adolescents. —

Formaldehyde in vaccines is present for the purpose of stabilizing the vaccine. —

Recombinant DNA technology, or genetic engineering, has been a promising research tool in efforts to develop new, safer, or more effective vaccines. —

The HPV vaccines are safe and have been extensively studied in clinical trials involving thousands of women before being approved by the FDA. —

The HPV vaccine is safe and effective and, like all vaccines, undergoes extensive safety testing. —

Polio eradication may be delayed by vaccines Polio has almost been eliminated in the world. —

Scientists are working to develop vaccines to prevent gonorrhea infection. —

There are several HPV vaccines on the market right now that research shows prevents the more aggressive strains that cause cancer. —

Investigational drugs and vaccines are being evaluated in hopes of treating and preventing Ebola infection. —

Because certain deadly diseases are communicable from human-to-human contact, transmission can be prevented by using medically safe vaccines. —

Motor and octavius were for some years has witnessed an exploding market of such vaccines are especially welcome. —

There are rumors of vaccines that correct genetic “errors.” —

Most parents ensure kids are up to date on vaccines. —

Like all vaccines, HPV vaccines will continue to be monitored for unusual or severe problems. —

Life-threatening allergic reactions from vaccines are very rare. —

Doctors who are involved in vaccine creation are the most qualified to determine effectiveness and efficacy of vaccines. —

Nobody has been able to link any serious adverse side effects to the vaccines. —

Japan experienced yearly increases in small pox following the introduction of compulsory vaccines in 1872. —

The work requires close interactions with colleagues in vaccines, infection prevention and control and emergencies. —

Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines has established a seven step response to the false flag ebola campaign. —

Getting the word out regarding the dangerous H1N1 vaccines is truly going to be a grassroots effort. —

DOH uses vaccines approved by WHO, which is safe, effective and used worldwide. —

There are no vaccines or antiviral medications currently available for EV-D68 treatment. —

There is no vaccine to protect against EV-D68 but there are vaccines available to protect against flu. —

If a strain mutates too quickly, researchers are unable to develop vaccines fast enough to combat it. —

Vaccines have saved many lives, but for most viruses there is no cure. —

The safety profile of vaccines at different ages is another important consideration in immunization policy decision making. —

Promotion of influenza vaccines is one of the most visible and aggressive public health policies today. —

Until more is known about the duration of immunity, the frequency and type of vaccines administered will vary. —

Further research is required to determine how to make effective DNA vaccines for clinical use. —

All of our efforts are geared towards contributing to the development of vaccines to prevent viral infections. —

Work on tuberculosis is focused on development of new vaccines and diagnostics. —

For almost a decade, the CDC has known influenza vaccines are ineffective in the elderly but continues to market them without hesitation. —

There is no valid scientific reason to oppose vaccines just hate humans and love pathogens. —

The topic of why otherwise intelligent people subscribe to discredited ideas like vaccines causing autism is another discussion onto itself. —

Prevention is key and flu vaccines help make prevention possible. —

A moral obligation by Dr Edwin Anderson Vaccines are a shot in the arm for the common good. —

“Vaccines and Production of Negative genetic Changes In Humans,” Leading Edge Research Group, 1996-1998. —

The prevention offered by vaccines can be lifesaving. —

In general, how much damage do vaccines cause every year in the US Unsurprisingly, there is no reliable count. —

One method to ensure that the human population stays safe and secure is through the use of animal vaccines. —

Indoor cats will receive a different set of vaccines than outdoor cats. —

Vaccines will often require booster shots. —


The results of my studies into vaccines online are a bit difficult to digest, unfortunately. There is a relatively balanced pros and cons list here with maybe more redundancy on the pros but – the pros being preventativeĀ  measures to ensure the possibility of good health and the cons being the potential to be harming people more so than helping them… It’s anybody’s call and only the individual can decide if so many negative reports are just an indication that half the planet is suddenly nuts and suffering from paranoid delusion or if people really are having problems. Really though, I didn’t see a lot of negative reports in this round.

As with other posts, the intention of my putting this information here is as a food for thought offering and not a suggestion to side one way or another.



I do not claim to be a master of homeopathy by any stretch. It IS an interest of mine though so I am writing this research article to summarize my online findings.

As with my prior research articles, some redundancy is to be expected as it paints the general view of people as can be found online.


Homeopathy is a holistic therapy that treats the whole person rather than targeting any one condition or set of symptoms. —

Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment that has been integrated into naturopathic medicine. —

Homeopathy is a treatment system in which only homeopathic remedies are used to treat ailments. —

Homeopathy is a natural medicine therapy that has been used for hundreds of years. —

Some conditions that conventional medicine has no treatment for respond well to homeopathy. —

Complex Homeopathy is the use of complexes of natural substances to balance the body. —

Energy transference of homeopathy is not like a chemical transference. —

The root cause is one of the main principles of homeopathy. — — (I believe this to mean that rather than treating symptoms, homeopathy aims to treat the root of a given problem.)

Homeopathy as a distinct therapeutic system is recognized by law in several countries. —

Homeopathy is the therapy that uses substances from each kingdom and is capable of achieving the balance of the human microcosm. —

Homeopathy is natural, as homeopathic remedies are most often based on natural ingredients. —

For parents who are concerned about side effects related to medication, homeopathy is a safe, effective alternative with no side effects. —

Since homeopathy is safe, homeopathic remedies can be taken by babies and pregnant women. —

Homeopathy is safe and effective, with no side effects. —

Homeopathy is a system of medical therapy that uses very small doses of medicines, or remedies. —

Homeopathy is complementary to all conventional medication. —

Homeopathy is shown to be the perfect complement to conventional treatment. —

Homeopathy treatment and homeopathic medicines are covered by private insurance companies. —

Homeopathy Homeopathy is an ancient form of medicinal practice that focuses on triggering a natural healing response within the body. —

Prescribing medicines of botanical origin is not identical with homeopathy. —

In India homeopathy is one of the most popular forms of medicine. —

Research in Complementary Medicine has recently published a paper that appears to show homeopathy as being a safe and effective form of treatment. —

Homeopathy is one of the major forms of treatment, adapted by most of the doctors of the world. —

Homeopathy is not effective for any condition, and no remedy has been proven to be more effective than placebo. —

Homeopathy is a comprehensive method of treatment that stimulates the body to heal itself. —

The remedies used within homeopathy are predominantly animal, mineral or plant derivatives. —

Homeopathy Homeopathic remedies are available to employees by appointment with the visiting homeopathic practitioner. —

Natural Medical Protocols has included a Homeopathy section in each of the medical conditions. —

The word homeopathy has different meanings in different parts of the world. —

Homeopathy Homeopathy is a wonderful way of treating food poisoning. —

The best answer is that theoretically any condition can be cured by homeopathy. —

The therapy we have found to be the fastest and most effective treatment to bring long-term relief is homeopathy. —

Anyone can learn to treat simple conditions safely at home using homeopathy, but a professional should treat serious or life-threatening conditions. —

Inflammatory bowel disease can be a stubborn and distressing problem but usually responds well to diet and homeopathy. —