Orgone Energy – Internet Buzz

Orgone energy sounds pretty new-age but I’ve had a few friends ask me to do the research on it so… here goes!


Orgone energy was originally discovered By Wilhelm Reich in 1939. —

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich in his psychiatric work. —

Wilhelm Reich , known for his psychological theories on fascism, later became involved with orgone energy pseudoscience. —

Dr Reich was the first person to develop tools for working with live orgone energy. —

Reich was apparently correct when describing DOR as an orgone energy that has become stale and rigid. —

The idea of orgone energy was an expansion of a controversial Freudian theory on sexual energy. —

Orgone energy is the life energy, and as such is responsible for the special characteristics which differentiate living from non-living. —

Orgone energy is the source of spin of all things and electromagnetic and gravitational fields. —

Orgone energy is the life energy and as such is responsible for the special characteristics which differentiate the living from the nonliving. —

Orgone energy and electromagnetic frequencies can be viewed as being integral parts of a continuum that encompasses both. —

Orgone energy seems to be the basis of life, but can be toxic in excess, according to Reich. —

orgone energy is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts and magick. —

Orgone energy has been known to the Chinese people, as “chi”, for thousands of years. —

” Orgone energy is a massless life force that is, perhaps, tapped into through the laying on of hands.” —

Orgone energy is energy before matter. —

Matter is created from orgone energy. —


Orgone energy is scalar energy on four different rates. —

Lightning is a discharge of accumulated orgone energy in the atmosphere. —

Orgone energy is good for plants, in moderation. —

Orgone energy can be organized within a system as well as being used as a form of communication. —

Orgone energy is attracted and conducted by metals. —

To date, Alex Schiffer has converted four car engines to run on orgone energy using the Joe Cell Method. —

A free mind assimilates Orgone energy in large quantities and is inherently creative able to respond to any environmental influence. —

“Entropy decreases” as orgone energy is distributed more and more unevenly. —

Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonances will penetrate all substances including solid walls and plastic of any kind. —

Orgone energy is all around us and inside of us. —

Free energy will come from the dielectric field where energy grows rather than decays, perhaps orgone energy will be the way. —

Orgone energy is found throughout the universe and flows from the sun to the earth. —

In fact, nothing that is the result of applied orgone energy is “para” normal. —

Orgone energy has not be shown to exist. —

orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight. —

Orgone energy is not easily blocked by haphazard walls of metal, glass, or plastic. —

The main function of orgone energy is to clean stagnant and negative energy. —

Being mass free, orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight. —

The inner life energy is stimulated from the outer orgone energy in the atmosphere. —

Orgone Energy and Orgonite In short Orgonite is a combination of Polymer, Copper wire, Crystals and Metal Shavings. —

Deadly Orgone Energy is found in dirty, polluted areas. —

Pollution and smog are states of stagnant energy weighed down with deadly orgone energy. —

Even after doing all this research on it, I find that I still have some questions. However, I did notice that there was very little conflict over the online view in terms of the validity of Orgone energy. The research, as with prior topics is based on search engine results from the basic search terms. As with prior articles, redundancy in how things are perceived is important to paint the picture. Like all prior articles, I’ve linked to the source where I got the information.


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