How about Monsanto?

I like digging at the crazy debate topics to see what I might find online. I aim for a general knowledge reference that is created and sourced in  an unbiased way wherever possible, based on a generalization of reviews found online. I quote each site I reference.

Some of my results will seem to be duplicates. Repetitious entries are a good way of checking for automated or paid content development pushing a given idea.

I try not to put my own interpretation on too many things here. I think it’s best people review whats there for themselves and come to their own conclusions.


Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Monsanto is a company committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of agricultural solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Monsanto has thrown down the gauntlet by threatening to withdraw from India. —

As contractors for the United States Government, Monsanto was the largest and most deadly producer of Agent Orange. —

For our part, because we are consumers ourselves, safety is a priority for every person who works at Monsanto. —

Either mankind will stop Monsanto or Monsanto will stop mankind. —

Monsanto and the Court System Monsanto is no stranger to either side of the courtroom. —

As consumers ourselves, the safety of our products is paramount to everyone who works at Monsanto. —

Plant patents are a hot topic in agriculture, and Monsanto usually ends up being part of the conversation. —

represent individuals throughout the United States who are pursuing financial compensation from Monsanto. —

Monsanto demanded a retraction by the World Health Organization but the WHO has rightfully decided not to do that. —

There are even lawsuits where Monsanto won against farmers, with Monsanto claiming violation of patent protections. —

There is no question that Monsanto is on a mission to monopolize the conventional seed market. —

Rick Monsanto is fear mongering all the time by claiming that we have to have GMOs to save the world food supply. —

The fact is that environmental contamination is inevitable when companies like Monsanto are allowed to experiment with nature and our food supply. —

Monsanto is said to be building a corn processing plant in the Ukraine. —

The Nature Conservancy is in partnership with Monsanto and Lockheed Martin. —

The DARK Act is just one instance where Monsanto profits would be shielded, without regard for basic human rights. —

At Monsanto, we are committed to recruiting and retaining. —

To complement what Monsanto is doing, Pioneer is doing the same. —

The Prospecting Team continuously looks for innovative technologies that will help build, extend, and support the Monsanto technology portfolio. —

Methods used by Monsanto to hide problems are varied and plentiful. —

Investing in the Future Monsanto is committed to supporting the sustainability and growth of the agricultural industry. —

Note carefully that such research would never be conducted in a US university because they’ve been infiltrated and bought off by Monsanto. —

Fighting for people over profits Shareholders are worried that Monsanto is keeping them in the dark. —

Starbucks has joined forces with Monsanto to sue Vermont over a new GMO labeling law. —

Monsanto became one of 10-36 producers of Agent Orange for US Military operations in Vietnam. —

About Project SHARE Project SHARE was developed as a partnership between Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals and Monsanto. —

Food production Seeds and the growing of any food will be controlled by Monsanto, via the UN. —

There are several substantiated complaints against Monsanto. —

The March against Monsanto was notable in several key respects. —

Workers at the Monsanto plant in Nitro seem to have been the first victims of 2,4,5-T. —

There has been a growing worldwide movement against Monsanto. —

Farming is a difficult enough proposition without having to spend money to protect ourselves from Monsanto. —

Monsanto has major connections with political heads that have actually threatened trade wars against nations opposed to GMOs on record. —

In America, no one is forced to use Monsanto seeds. —

The protest is called MARCH against Monsanto. —

There are not many organic seed companies in Canada and we are quite vulnerable to the likes of Monsanto. —

Over the past few years the world seed market has been consolidated into the hands of very few companies of which MONSANTO is premiere. —

Monsanto is making HUGE profits around the world. —

The US government placed orders from many companies for Agent Orange, and Monsanto was one of them. —

Monsanto is a publicly traded company near St Louis, Missouri, in Creve Coeur. —

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Monsanto. —

Monsanto Canada is seeking a highly motivated individual to join the Monsanto Technical Support team as a Monsanto Technical Support Supervisor. —

A request for comment from Monsanto was not immediately returned Wednesday afternoon. —

Some of the companies that are associated with Monsanto are Nestle, Coca-Cola and Kraft. —

Monsanto is committed to all job seekers including individuals with disabilities. —

Monsanto has a long track record of manufacturing chemicals and infusing them into products that Americans use and consume daily. —

The test methods used by Monsanto are designed to minimize the chances of abnormalities appearing with GMO feeding. —

To activists concerned about the environmental and human health consequences of genetic engineering, Monsanto was evil incarnate. —

March Against Monsanto works diligently to make sure the public knows that the movement is not just about food. —

BENEFITS OF GMOs The face of GMO crops in the United States is the Monsanto Company. —

Monsanto has spent millions learning how to control plant traits using genetic sprays. —

Monsanto representatives have stated the EU has verbally acknowledged authorization, yet written formal authorization has not been obtained. —

The Monsanto provision is not included in either of the Senate or House FY14 Agriculture Appropriations bills, and that is a good thing. —

Brazil has proved to be an unexpected sticking point for Monsanto. —

Several Council of Canadians chapters will be participating in the March against Monsanto Everywhere day of action. —

Monsanto has been accused numerous times of fraud, threats to health, accused of ecological disasters and false evidence. —

There are so many more connections that show how harmful Monsanto is, and how we need to make better choices in our own lives. —

Monsanto will be ready for the future and will have seeds for every contingency. —

Monsanto has been accused numerous times of fraud, threats to health, ecological disasters, and false evidence. —

People need to educate themselves and not allow Monsanto and the like to interrupt what nature has been doing for hundreds of years to make a buck. —

Monsanto will seek the consent of the Customer before confidential information is discussed in front of the support person. —

Partner with Monsanto External collaborations are a key to our promise of delivering innovative new products in the future. —

Monsanto is becoming increasingly dependent on GMO crops. —

Monsanto is as involved in plant breeding as we are in developing biotech traits. —

Raising production, with farmers saving seed and not required to pay royalties to Monsanto. —

Monsanto is already a major player on the European seed market. —

Well one place to look is at the total spent on donations and lobbying by companies like Monsanto for clues. —

The Monsanto studies only prove that data can be manipulated, not that the products are safe. —

Business filings show that Monsanto not only sold more, but was more profitable, as well. —

The US Supreme Court declared that corporations are people, so Monsanto at least is a person. —

Monsanto has met with controversy in recent years as many people protest the use and development of genetically modified organisms. —

Genetically engineered crops are not just about profits for Monsanto, they’re about solving the inexorable problem of population growth. —

Monsanto is responsible for the destruction of many farms, the reduction in crop varieties, and the development of resistant weeds and pests. —

There are a handful of companies like Monsanto that are trying to change the global food landscape. —

Until Monsanto and science studies everything, we must assume that GMOs are unsafe. —

Patents are the incentive for private companies to invest in research, whether we are talking about Apple or Monsanto. —

Through his financial investments with Monsanto, Gates has been able to make his depopulation desire all the more closer to reality. —

Monsanto is an agricultural company committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. —

Back in days, Monsanto was responsible for some of the most damaging toxins in US history. —

There is to be a worldwide demonstration against the insane greed of MONSANTO. —

Monsanto is committed to delivering innovative tools and technologies that help farmers conserve more resources. —

Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish a growing world. —

The Early Days Monsanto is an American company with offices around the world. —

To activists worldwide Monsanto is somewhere between Al Qaeda and Satan himself in the pantheon of evil. —

Over the last century, Monsanto was responsible for bringing many controversial substances to the market. —


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