Lucid Dreaming

I have always been fascinated with dreaming. Dreaming in color and lucid dreaming are sometimes things not understood or even believed to exist depending on who you ask.

So, I have compiled some research into lucid dreaming, I found it fascinating… maybe you will too! As with many other posts, there is some redundancy in the data portrayed here as I am referencing the way people are talking about it online.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them!


A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. —

Lucid dreams are dreams in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming and can influence dream content. —

Many people conclude that lucid dreaming is simply an expression of expectation and mental models. —

The possibility of controlling the mind even in sleep has led some researchers to consider lucid dreaming as a treatment for nightmares. —

One answer to the question of how to act when lucid dreaming is to find or even create a lucid dream guide within the dream. —

Lucid dreaming and the brain About half of us will experience at least one lucid dream in our lives. —

The Wake Back To Bed method is one of the most effective lucid dreaming techniques for beginners. —

Lucid dreaming is a proven way to stop bad dreams. —

Meditation can be used as a type of lucid dreaming induction. —

The WILD is a very popular lucid dreaming technique explained on the internet as an easy, instant lucid dreaming method. —

Procedures for the induction of lucid dreaming are of obvious importance to the development of the field, given the rarity of spontaneous lucidity. —

Once the dreamer is able to become aware and practice lucid dreaming a whole new realm of entertainment and learning is possible. —

Reading lucid dreaming related material, meditation and doing relaxation exercises are all recommended activities. —

Solving problems through lucid dreaming and even regular dreams is very common amongst lucid dreamers. —

Lucid dreaming has been suggested to begin in the REM sleep after the first physiological recordings were taken. —

Lucid dreaming was one shamanic practice used to access the Otherworld. —

Lucid dreaming is a conditioned skill. —

In lucid dreaming cases there is no extraterrestrial influence. —

Lucid Dreaming is excellent for making decisions. —

Astral projection and lucid dreaming are two separate but interconnected experiences. —

The key points to learn lucid dreaming are practice and consistency. —

Lucid dreaming can be used to overcome problems and fears. —

Featured Video Article One of the biggest benefits of lucid dreaming is the time recovered from sleeping. —

The best time for lucid dreaming is the last period of REM sleep, just before waking. —

Lucid dreaming is an ancient skill, practiced by all human civilizations throughout recorded history. —

There are many pieces of evidence that early civilizations were aware of lucidity and dreaming. —

There is no easy answer, given that different lucid dreaming techniques work differently for each individual. —

Lucid dreaming does not cause any problems related to a lack of sleep or a disruption in sleep cycles. —

Active Lucid Dreaming is when the dreaming takes control of a dream and makes decisions that alters or guides the dream. —

Like any skill, lucid dreaming requires time and effort. —

Lucid dreaming is the only way known to me that helps to prevent matrix dream manipulation. —

Lucid dreaming can be encouraged by instructing the mind to find answers through dreams. —

Lucid dreaming is caused by a shift of the biophysical energy body of the dreaming body. —

A few simple exercises and a bit of conscious diligence is often all that is needed to start lucid dreaming very quickly. —

In terms of risk lucid dreaming has traditionally been considered harmless. —

While the study of lucid dreaming is fairly new, the phenomenon is not. —

Some think lucid dreaming is tied to the occult or to a particular religion. —

Lucid dreaming is the best remedy to face the fears and overcome them. —

The evidences if the lucid dreaming were revealed by the Hull University of UK in 1975. —

There was a study done a few years ago that reflected lucid dreaming as an effective treatment for getting rid of nightmares. —

There are many psychological and health benefits that lucid dreaming can provide. —

One of the best ways to learn meditation for lucid dreaming is to use a guided meditation CD. —

Scientific evidence Evidence for lucid dreaming was first found by LaBerge et al. —

3 Comments Motivation is key Anyone who is interested in truly learning lucid dreaming will at sometime face a moment of frustrating failure. —

Lucid dreaming for Beginners is a nicely and personally written piece of material to start learning lucid dreaming right away. —

The GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT is an ongoing effort to research dreams worldwide and scientifically analyze the data. —

Previous studies on the topic of lucid dreaming have involved small control groups ranging from 1-100 people. —

Meditation and learning lucid dreaming are things that most people never have the time or interest to pursue. —

In spiritual circles, the general opinion is that lucid dreaming is the same as lucid astral projection. —

The romance between lucid dreaming and flying is proverbial. —

principle behind the use of lucid dreaming for spiritual practice is the belief in the similarity between sleeping and the stages of death. —

According to critics, the general concern is that lucid dreaming pollutes or even destroys the natural flow and meaning behind the dream. —

Just beware that, for most people, lucid dreaming requires commitment and is an immersive and lifelong pursuit. —

Lucid dreaming is certainly not superstition. —

One of the most popular lucid dreaming devices right now is called the REM Dreamer. —

Some examples of using lucid dreaming for rehearsal are for social events, public speaking, difficult or awkward confrontations, etc. —

Among our forums are tutorials on specific lucid dreaming techniques and even web-based classes on lucid dreaming. —

The first step to lucid dreaming is setting the intention to do it. —

Lucid dreaming is the Western practice derived from yoga nidra. —

Getting additional sleep beyond the minimum required makes additional time for more conscious or lucid dreaming to occur. —

Lucid dreaming is only one of the ways that spiritual travel can be initiated. —

Waking up is a common practice through lucid dreaming to stop a nightmare. —

True lucid dreaming requires a certain mastery of mind, which is unavailable without meditation. —