The Moon Landing – Internet Perspective

I’ve heard a lot of debate about the moon landing being real or fake. I have to be a little up front and honest when I say I do not ultimately care if it was or not. I do want to know though… if for no other reason than because it is just that broadly debated. I guess I simply can’t resist the opportunity to pull a Captain Obvious in the next lunar landing debate.

To paint the picture, I will simply paste in the general results I see from random searches on both sides of the argument.

No doubt, we will see some redundancies but, that’s kind of the point! 😉

Neil Armstrong was the first person on the Moon. —

Project Apollo dropped the first Americans on the lunar surface back in 1969. —

In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to land on the Moon. —

In July, 1969, Neil Armstrong decorated the Lunar surface when an American flag was hoisted on moon for the first time. —

Manned vertical landing using rockets has been successfully demonstrated on the Moon during the Apollo program. —

Locke and Day refused to admit that the lunar narrative was a hoax. —

Blueprints for the Apollo Lunar Module, Lunar rover, and associated equipment are missing. —

Gone are the shots of the Lunar Module undocking from the Command Module and landing on the Moon. —

The only sure way to prove the moon landings really happened is to return to the Moon and see if the Apollo hardware is there. —

After all, just like the moon landing was staged, so was the Columbus voyage. —

Von Braun was crucial in the effort to convince the US government to pursue a landing of men on the moon, and guided US efforts to success. —

Neil Armstrong said that his landing on the moon was “one small step for man…” —

Just the Moon landing hoax, and the Flat Earth proves the USA, and Russia are one and the same at the top. —

As astounding as the moon landings were, it’s even more astounding to suppose that the entire thing was falsified. —

Well known conspiracies include claims that the existence of alien life has been covered up and that the Moon landings were faked. —

The moon landing as real is plausible. —

Just the Moon landing hoax, and the Flat Earth proves the USA, and Russia are one and the same at the top. —

Percy firmly believes that the Apollo footage was either faked or not the original film that was shot on the Moon. —

The trends I’m seeing are that some say it happened and others say it didn’t. Neither side quantifies their argument in an overly reasonable way thus far. I may find more however and if I do, I will post updates accordingly.

It’s outside of the scope of this article to peruse the other launches and events that transpired since the moon landing but… At this point in time, countries around the world are launching satellites and now we have the international space station in orbit.  If I remember correctly, several countries joined to assist that venture. It just seems like a weird thing that so much would be going on around the world regarding satellites, the moon and sending out probes to do flybys… Yet, the one thing that is attributed to setting it all off is highly contested.