Pure water according to the internet…

I heard somewhere that pure water is getting harder and harder to come by. I’m not sure that’s really true  as you can purify water via distillation and a massive amount of the earth is covered in salt water… but the topic is important regardless. Without access to pure water, obviously life would be much harder in many ways.

Take a look at what I found online regarding water, I think there are things in this list that even I have taken for granted or perhaps just didn’t really consider.

If you are a consummate nerd like me, you won’t be able to resist this food for thought!


Only distilled water is pure water. — answers.com

Optimal water is naturally pure water from a well or spring and stored in glass, not plastic. — watercures.org

Clean pure water is a prerequisite to optimal health. — healthcanadaabuse.ca

Toxins are stored in the liver and fatty tissue, and can only be eliminated from the body if flushed out with plenty of pure water. — bigberkeywaterfilters.com
Pure water is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. — usgs.gov

Pure water is a tasteless, odorless, transparent liquid. — madehow.com

Pure water has a pH close to neutral or 700. — biotherapy-clinic.com

Pure water is structured water. — lewfh.tripod.com

Pure water is in the middle point of acidic and alkaline condition. — recenttechinventions.com

Pure water is the single most important life sustaining resource on planet earth. — nutrasilver.ru


Water conductivity Pure water is not a good conductor of electricity. — lenntech.ae

Pure water will not conduct electricity. — hydroponicsbc.com

Pure water, such as distilled water, will have a very low specific conductance, and sea water will have a high specific conductance. — usgs.gov

The resistivity of the pure water is decreased by increasing the water temperature. — go.jp

Pure water freezing point is 0c –  Pure water boiling point is 100c — primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk

Water and Soil An abundant supply of pure water is essential to our economy. — ucsb.edu

Pure water is the universal solvent. — kinetico.com

The main advantage of distillation is to obtain pure water. — physics-chemistry-class.com

RO is the most commonly used methods of producing pure water on planet earth. — drlwilson.com

Pure Water is the life force of all life forms. — earthmothercrying.org

Ultra pure water is mainly used in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry. — lenntech.com

Gas mixture of water broken down into an HHO atomic structure can power an automotive engine and return to pure water as a by-product. — jasonspage.net

Pure water is a poor conductor since there are none of the conductive salts found in impure water. — generalhydroponics.com

Pure water is supremely well ordered whilst polluted water is a chaos of motion. — chargedforlife.com

The need to breath fresh air, drink pure water and enjoy nature that surrounds us is priceless and must not be given up. — because.bz

Contaminants are negative polarity, low frequencies in otherwise pure water. — vibrantvitalwater.com

In the not so distant future, pure water will be more valuable than oil or gasoline. — vibrantvitalwater.com

Pure water provides no energy, but drinking water has nutritive minerals dissolved in it. — mikalac.com

Drink pure water The amount of chemicals in our tap water today is frightening. — wakeupcloud.com

Tap water is not pure water, obviously. — skeptoid.com

In pure water, there are an equal number of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. — sciencebuddies.org

Pure water has poor electrical conductivity and the corrosion rate will be much lower than say an acid solution of high conductivity. — gordonengland.co.uk

In both pure water and pure ethanol the main intermolecular attractions are hydrogen bonds. — chemguide.co.uk

Pure water containing no nutrients is rated at 0 and maximum strength nutrients would rate 100. — agrobusiness.info

Drinking plenty of pure water has been shown to help the body heal itself from many dehydration symptoms. — natural-health-zone.com


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