The Pursuit of Happiness

Of course, everybody wants to be happy… but what does that mean?

I often hear people say they would be happy if only they had something or another they have been wanting for a while. Others seem to be pretty happy with what they got. So, I’ve gone looking around online to find out, what constitutes happiness and how that might be achieved.

The results may be redundant in some cases but we should be able to pull a general consensus from them.

Happiness is a stochastic phenomenon. —

Happiness is the point at which Creative Thinking or Doing and Love are connected. —

Happiness Is A Choice Happiness is a state of mind. —

Happiness is the robust sense of fulfillment one feels when bravely confronting hardship. —

happiness is the highest good, being a realization and perfect practice of virtue, which some can attain, while others have little or none of it. —

Happiness is the primordial natural instruction of the universe. —

Happiness is a mindset that can be learned. —

Happiness is a spiritual emotion, a character trait of the soul and not of the body. —

Happiness is a state of emotion. —

Happiness is the truest form of wealth. —

True happiness is based on peace. —

Maybe happiness and being content go hand-in-hand. —

By a fundamental law of our natures we are all constantly impelled by the desire of happiness, and the fear of pain. —

Eating is a profound, if everyday, experience that affects our health and our happiness. —

Learning how to give more love to ourselves is a key practice that when turned into a habit, becomes a source of happiness and resiliency. —

Now there are a variety of studies pointing the happiness effects of mindfulness on the brain. —

Food is vital for the sustainable development of humanity, health and happiness. —

The only way for man to achieve happiness and thus perfection, is through MATERIAL WEALTH. —

Happiness is contagious and breeds more happiness. —

The Dalai Lama believes that the very purpose of life is to seek happiness. —

Happiness Is A Choice Happiness is a state of mind. —

Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves. —

On the flip side, happiness and positive thoughts are excellent for good health. —

Enthusiasm is the gateway to happiness. —

At the root of happiness, fulfillment, joy, and love is a feeling of gratitude. —

Well… That went every which way…. So, I invite you to draw your own conclusions!


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