How the World Sees Hillary Clinton

I have pulled some internet results on Hillary Clinton just to see what people are saying. Here are the results…

Hillary Clinton is part and parcel to mass murder in Libya. —

Hillary Clinton is a proven liar. —

Hillary Clinton threatened China and Russia is not pleased. —

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, Monsanto will occupy the White House. —

Hillary Clinton has been exploring a presidential candidacy for months and perhaps years. —

Hillary Clinton has big plans for solar power. —

Hillary Clinton will not become president for a number of reasons. —

Hillary Clinton is the exception in giving the media genuine access to her. —

Bill Clinton was the designated future husband for Lady Diana, with Hillary Clinton to be eliminated through divorce or even murder. —

Hillary Clinton is already making noises of empathy with Blacks suffering under the urban police state. —

A video of related interest is titled Hillary Clinton and Bible Prophecy. —

Hillary Clinton is going to have a very tough time winning her party’s nomination. —

Hillary Clinton is wrong to fear the sharing economy. —

Michelle is one of only three First Ladies who earned master’s degrees, alongside her predecessors Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. —

The real divide on Hillary Clinton Bluntly put, the Democrats are walking into a huge trap. —

Bernie Sanders has surpassed Hillary Clinton among New Hampshire presidential primary voters. —

Did Hillary Clinton Sell Top-Secret Satellite Intel posted on Aug 18, 2015, 26 flags US Political Madness Big conspiracy theory here. —

Unflattering pictures of Hillary Clinton can be found in the Really Truly Hillary Gallery. —

The Third Way agenda, to which Bill and Hillary Clinton have made a fundamental contribution, is the new agenda of our time. —

Hillary Clinton was the the one talking about redistributing resources and demanding laws and accountability. —

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton is dominant. —

Comrade Hillary Clinton has no legal right to be Secretary of State. —

Hillary Clinton is already running on the fact of her obvious intelligence and her general belief in a social safety net. —

Bernie Sanders has taken the lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, though he still trails by wide margins in national polls. —

Hillary Clinton will be lucky if she does not end up in jail. —

The Fix Hillary Clinton is trying to make the e-mail controversy political. —

The current Hillary Clinton situation is just one of a long list of legal cases that have hinged on evidence derived from emails. —

Now his challenge will be to learn how to use the email functions of his new smartphone better than Hillary Clinton uses hers. —

Hillary Clinton has tackled college costs and energy. —

Hillary Clinton has had an amazing career and has been an amazing American. —

Hillary Clinton has a lot of baggage. —

At the same time, right wing Republican columnists are calling for Hillary Clinton to be indicted over her handling of e-mails. —

Hillary Clinton has decided to make income inequality, especially the compensation of CEOs, a major focal point of her campaign. —

Both knew that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, kept a private email server, and nothing was done about it. —

After months of denials and delaying actions, Hillary Clinton has decided to turn over her private email server to the Department of Justice. —

Hillary Clinton has none of the charm that her spouse had. —

Trump said, as he has said before, that he contributes to politicians including Hillary Clinton and in return gets what he wants from them. —

Hillary Clinton has got a major problem and the Democratic Party has a major headache, Buchanan said Wednesday on The Steve. —

Hillary Clinton is damaged goods now. —

Hillary Clinton believes that attacks on her husband are the product of some vast right wing conspiracy. —

Electing a Hillary Clinton will drive the last nails into our coffin. —

For the first time in a long time, in her life spent in the public eye, Hillary Clinton looked like she was enjoying herself. —

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic front. —

In trying to keep things positive, the only negative thing I’m going to say about Hillary Clinton is that she represents the past. —

Elizabeth Warren is not running for President because Hillary Clinton threatened her. —

Hillary Clinton is still a long way off from emergency condition. —

Americans are just tired of Hillary Clinton. —

Hillary Clinton is campaigning hard to promote envy by attacking income inequality. —

On many occasions, Hillary Clinton has spoken about the need to find the right balance in our lives. —

The press fawns over Hillary Clinton, who is depicted as a woman of accomplishment. —

Trump has long had some relationship with fellow New Yorkers Bill and Hillary Clinton. —

One of the top five moments on Twitter was when Trump said that Hillary Clinton had to come to his wedding because he gave her money. —

Hillary Clinton is offering the same bait and switch. —


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