UFO Sightings

A popular trend in UFO reports seems to be scaling online. Out of curiousity, I went ahead and looked into it.

I’ve compiled a general overview of internet based findings for you to puruse.

I’m open to the discussion of potential and feasibility but remain unbias in any way. As with all of the articles I write for this blog, the idea isn’t to prove, disprove or take sides. I simply want to enable a broader understanding based on the collective experience as provided by the general internet.


The National UFO Reporting Center has been collecting accounts of UFO sightings for decades. — godandscience.org

Each year, we are seeing an increase in UFO sightings and reports. — maya12-21-2012.com

The Phoenix Lights incident became one of the most publicized and well-documented UFO sightings in memory. — whipnet.org

The UFO sightings that have increased over the last decades are in actual fact the demons from the underworld. — intuitivejournal.com

Hopkins has publicly speculated that there are probably more abductions than there are UFO sightings. — ascensionearth2012.org

Astronomer Carl Sagan stated on UFO sightings, The reliable cases are uninteresting and the interesting cases are unreliable. — mufon.com

Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle and the Caribbean Sea are the most common places of UFO sightings. — planetxnews.com

Absolutely awesome that UFO sightings are getting into the media more and more each year. — ufosightingsdaily.com

UFO sightings are almost a daily occurrence in Mexico. — sun-nation.org

UFO Spotting Unlike reported alien abductions, UFO sightings are quite common. — lovetoknow.com

Churchill is said to have discussed how to deal with UFO sightings with Eisenhower. — adguk-blog.com

Russia has a long history of UFO sightings, dating back thousands of years. — mercuryrapids.co.uk

Depending on the source, between two to five percent of UFO sightings involve real flying objects that are genuinely unidentified. — exopaedia.org

The panel concluded unanimously that there was no evidence of a direct threat to national security in the UFO sightings. — alienscientist.com

Most UFO sightings can be explained either as mistaken identities of something else, or as hoaxes perpetrated by people. — creationists.org

This web site is an attempt to document UFO sightings around the World. — crank.net

There have been innumerable UFO sightings in New Mexico over the last hundred years, but not all of them are credible enough. — csewi.org

There are many theories and there are skeptics who rule out most of the reported UFO sightings as just hoax. — csewi.org

Over the past decade researchers trying to get to the bottom of UFO sightings have reported an overall increase world-wide. — altheadlines.com

The footage of trees and flowers is filmed at Montpelier Hill in Dublin, a site of apparent frequent UFO sightings. — showerofkunst.com

In Myrtle Beach and along the coast, there are multiple reports of UFO sightings. — kpho.com

As with UFO sightings, although the majority can be explained there is a core that remains interesting. — wyrdology.com

Many videos are simply downright hoaxes that are faked like UFO sightings. — occupytheory.org

Many UFO sightings are of the ball of light variety. — wyrdology.com

A lot of UFO enthusiasts do not realize that many of the UFO sightings are actually advanced space craft created in secret black projects. — energyfanatics.com

The unique and visual clues of the triangles make them extremely difficult to dismiss as is done with most UFO sightings. — ufos-aliens.co.uk

Michael is putting on his coat and takes the whole team to the exact places where he has encountered his own UFO sightings over the Great Lake. — wespenre.com

USAF still has an interest in all UFO sightings over installations and test ranges. — greenzilla.tripod.com

Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. — verytopsecret.info

Jerome Clark has been investigating UFO sightings for over thirty years, and has compiled fifty of the most puzzling and compelling cases. — ufoevidence.org

Colorado consistently has the highest number of UFO sightings per person in the USA. — educatinghumanity.com

The flying saucers silent free floating features is a common used element in popular culture and experienced in many UFO sightings. — tba21academy.org

Phoenix Lights is a series of UFO sightings, not a filtered cigarette. — mashable.com

Putting aside the hundreds and possibly thousands of claims of UFO sightings, there are some which were encountered by hundreds of people. — csewi.org

UFO sightings are becoming very common and reports of sightings continue to increase every year. — collective-evolution.com


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