Are Ghosts Real?


A lot of people will no doubt think that the question in the title of this post is a no-brainer. Others are here because they have had some kind of experience they just do not know how to come to terms with.

As with my previous posts, I just want to lay out what I found to both prove and disprove the notion based on what is indicated by the average internet result.

Some of these results may be redundant… that is to be expected. 🙂
One person may beleive in ghosts, so ghosts are real to her, though faerie are not. —

The ghosts, spirits and realm of the dead stuff was frightening as hell to our ancestors, and still scares people today. —

If ghosts are real there seems to be no barrier to them coming into being through a scientifically explainable process. —

There is, however, no concrete scientific evidence to prove that ghosts are real. —

In modern life, much social interaction is between surface figures or ghosts rather than real persons. —

There are many such spirits, but there are more of residual energies that have been left by spirits that really aren’t ghosts. —

A medium is someone who says he can get ghosts to come to the room to give signs to living people that the ghost is real. —

According to many staff and patrons alike, there are at least four specific ghosts who haunt Maria Teresa. —

most paranormal researchers agree that Shadow People are not human entities, ghosts or demons. —

In many Eastern religions spirits and ghosts are blamed for many ills, and are cast out of people. —

There are ghosts, cannibals, ghouls, witches and the like. —

All manner of ghosts and ghouls are said to stalk the Tower of London. —

In China, the colour blue is commonly associated with torment, ghosts, and death. —

In modern-day China, ghosts only have power to harm. —

Perhaps the owner of the Salem Inn is correct, and there are no ghosts, just the power of suggestion at work. —

All sorts of strange apparitions have been reported, such as ghosts working in the kitchen and sightings of what is known as the Death Coach. —

There has been evidence of ghosts existing in the world though there was no proof of the existence and there were no scientific proofs for it. —

Ghosts are disembodied spirits, but not of normal humans. —

Ghosts are the ones who couldn’t go to heaven or to hell. —

Perhaps the first find had it right. Whatever a person believes in may well be real to them. That might certainly explain the disconnect for those who don’t and why there are so many people claiming to see or interact with ghosts. Isn’t it strange though that virtually every culture in the world has some version of ghost of spirit type apparition?


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