The Economy Today…

Here’s a look at what people online are saying about the economy… It’s a bit general, though I must note, everybody seems to be pointing out something or another to spur the economy. Even so, there hasn’t been much improvement in North America that I’ve seen…


At best, corruption is a drag on the economy and a scourge on society. —

If economic growth is too low, the Fed won’t raise rates, because that will tank the economy into a recession. —

In general, when the Fed lowers interest rates, the goal is to stimulate the economy. —

Now that the economy is improving, we are starting to see some growth. —

Although China remains a poor country by world standards, the economy has grown dramatically as a result of the reforms of the 1980s and 1990s. —

Money is just not turning over in the economy. —

Interagency agreements are not required and the Economy Act does not apply when an agency places an order against a MAS contract. —

Investment that would make the economy more efficient has remained well below half that of China as a percentage of GDP. —

Reform and evolution of the economy is taking hold. —

In Europe we are struggling to find the way out of economic crisis, to find ways of creating new jobs and injecting new growth into the economy. —

The economy WILL collapse, there will be war, and there will be a settlement of debt via landmass reallocation and blood. —

The economy is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to fix. —

In order to maintain full employment in a free-market the economy has to grow. —

The economy has generated nearly eight million net new jobs in the past three years. —

Studies show that unions are good for business, productivity, and the economy. —

Past documents have proved to be instrumental in explaining the impact the knife and tool industry has on American jobs and the economy. —

Nobody really knows what shape the economy will be. —

At the same time, is Editor in Chief sectors of the economy. —

The economy is more than making money. —

The economy is running in low gear, with idle capacities and enormous pressure on prices. —

The bestselling author of Talent Is Overrated explains how the skills the economy values are changing in historic ways. —

There are ongoing issues that can occur in public spaces as Brazilians continue to protest over the costs of the World Cup on the economy. —

Regardless of which side of the line we end up on, the economy was quite weak. —

The economy is less burdened by excessive and unwarranted health care spending. —

ET China’s central bank is printing money to boost the economy. —

The sum of value added over all sectors of the economy is equal to total gross domestic product. —

The economy reality of lost home equity and decreased 401k savings is finally over here. —

1870-1880 Manufacturers Schedule As industry became a more dominant part of the economy, the amount of detail gathered in each census increased. —

In recent years, the economy has shifted, with many significant investments in infrastructure, transportation and mining. —

Tourism is an increasingly important part of the economy. —

The latest is how well the economy is doing. —

The economy is adversely affecting support for medical education, clinical care and research. —

There was migration within the Levant when the Jews started boosting the economy. —

According to Stephen Harper, most of the economy is growing and doing just fine. —

Small Business Sandia is dedicated to strengthening the economy by providing small business services. —

The second, the Alliance of Free Democrats, was primarily interested in reshaping the economy along capitalist lines. —

A strong system of higher education is fuel for the economy. —

The economy is typically an important topic for voters during the first round of debates. —

Prices will climb during peak summer season and as soon as the economy recovers. —

The economy of Portland has potential for growth. —

Ordinary Americans will suffer from the ensuing damage to the economy. —

In reality, the offshore community is of tremendous benefit to the major powers and the economy as a whole. —

The cap is adjusted annually to reflect wage growth in the economy. —

The economy has been pretty bad for most folks for years and years. —

Stephen Harper has maintained the economy is being affected by international developments beyond Canada’s control. —

Opening of markets will have differing impacts on different parts of the economy. —

The economy is turning and we are in a season of growth. —

Sustainable use of natural resources, such as water, soil, air, forest and biodiversity, is fundamental to the economy and human well-being. —

One key condition is that the crisis shock hits the economy sufficiently frequently. —

Retail sales are an important gauge that is used by traders and investors to comprehend the underlying strength in the economy. —

Corporate aviation is very important to the economy. —

Since the turn of the century, the average size of establishments has been steadily dropping, even in years the economy has expanded. —

The economy is fuelled by a construction bubble that should have burst years ago. —

The economy is driven above all by retail, construction and manufacturing. —

Learn more about the positive impact NIH funding has on health, communities, and the economy. —

The turn to state intervention into the economy is a welcome reprieve from the decades of neoliberalism. —

Flaherty has been trying to argue that he has already stimulated the economy through previously announced tax cuts. —

How Long The economy is not going to collapse overnight. —

The economy became global, an entrepreneurial middle class had arisen, and poverty was rampant. —

Activity that isn’t happening in the economy is directly a reduction in the size of the economy. —

The economy was based on agriculture for the vast majority and the way the world worked was still quite feudal. —

Healthcare is a much, much larger chunk of the economy. —

The open source process is becoming more mainstream in the economy as a whole. —

Japan’s just in time, industrial supply chain has been severely disrupted with attendant negative effects on the economy. —

Augmented reality will feed into every sector of the economy. —

In the speech, Obama talked about how the economy has recovered. —

There is a great deal of uncertainty for both downside and upside opportunity in the economy and know one knows for sure what will happen. —

Now natural gas is starting to fuel the economy. —

Once a center of textile manufacturing, the economy in Greenville has transitioned nicely into high tech sectors and auto manufacturing. —

The economy is feeling hardships in today’s marketplace. —

Maybe HAL can be given the task to develop such a jet plane, and as a bonus inject some money into the economy. —

Tourism has an importance in the economy as well. —

The size of the economy is less important than the per capita GDP and median incomes. —

Every production process in the economy has a definitive starting point chosen by an entrepreneur with a definitive goal in mind. —

In particular, Austrians hold that the economy has a complex production structure consisting of many stages. —

The economy has corrected itself in the past in previous business cycles. —

Development of dedicated road, rail, waterways and piped shipping is a must for the economy. —

Sustainable growth We must ensure there is a desire for sustainable growth in the economy of the UK in the medium or long term. —

Since immigration changes economic opportunities for many groups, the economy is likely to adjust over time. —

If vital indicators are any sign of the health of the economy, India is ailing. —

The rural sector is one part of the economy that has been badly affected. —

There is no parity or balance in the economy with investments divorced from production. —

Despite an international financial crisis, the economy in North Dakota is looking bright. —

If the economy continues to grow, more accountants will be needed by companies looking to comply with stricter accounting standards. —


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