Superstitions & Beliefs

As the title indicates, this article is intended to shed some light on how the internet sees beliefs and why they occur.

All forms of worship and all dogmatic beliefs are wish projections. —

A common misconception is that what makes a group a cult is that the members have crazy beliefs. —

Beliefs are convictions and opinions based upon thoughts formed on the linear plane of consciousness. —

Folk Religions are outside of strictly theological and liturgical forms of official religions and represent a combination of beliefs and practices. —

As science progresses and new inventions and discoveries are made, the fundamentally held beliefs of the physical world keep changing. —

The point is that our experiences are made meaningful by our implicit beliefs and the two basically work together. —

Practically every day there are new discoveries being made and old beliefs proven wrong. —

Simply put, there are discoveries that have been made which directly contradict the beliefs set forth by mainstream scholars. —

Truth is immanent in all forms of beliefs. —

Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality, that one event causes another without a natural process linking the two events. —

The theory of intelligent design and creationism is based on superstition and has no place in schools. —

Some people are prone to superstition, syncretism, UFOs and lifestyle fictions, or need to have a handy place to fix the blame. —

Modern science, which was born to fight the superstition of religion, has become a source of superstition. —

Theosophy teaches that all superstition must be removed before Nirvana can be achieved. —

The incidence and propagation of superstition is one of the primary phenomena of human societies of which a rational sociology must take account. —

Superstition has always been, and forever will be, the foe of progress and the enemy of right education. —

Superstition and magical thinking are natural processes of a learning brain. —

Indoctrination has to be stopped and as with me, the only way to be broken out of that indoctrination is to have ones faulty beliefs exposed. —

Beliefs are fine, but there’s a real tendency in the conspiracy world to dismiss facts that contradict one’s beliefs. —

As we change our point of view old beliefs will give way to beliefs that are more true. —


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