Kundalini has been sort of a buzzword I’ve heard come up a lot lately with regards to meditation, qi, conscious awareness and spiritual growth. I have taken it upon myself to see how much I could pull from the internet about it.

In this article, redundancy serves no real purpose, so I will be aiming more for variety.

The third eye is the command center controlling the ecstatic aspects of the enlightenment process, which is the orderly awakening of kundalini. — aypsite.org

In the awakening of kundalini, the first important thing that we have to do is awaken the chakras. — yogamag.net

Restraint transformation is the first step for descending into the inner core of awakening kundalini and seed subliminal impressions. — heavenlygardens.org

Intense energy can be used to activate internal awareness, to fire the kundalini, and stimulate the flow of qi within the body. — ourfamilyofthestars.blogspot.com

One of the side effects of improper, premature awakening of the Kundalini is having an excessive or unregulated sex drive. — awarenessmag.com

Transformation and Kundalini The transformation of the Soul into more advanced states of spiritual evolution can be achieved by several means. — mudrashram.com

Chakra paintings are used in kundalini yoga seminars. — humanityhealing.net

There are likely psychiatrists or psychologists right now trying to help patients with Kundalini awakening symptoms. — aloha.net

Frisson has been associated with flow states, awe, enlightenment, the rising of Kundalini or the presence of God. — upriser.com

Chakra frequencies are associated with our inner power, referred to in eastern religions as the kundalini. — mindmachines.com

Gemstone serpentine is believed to awaken kundalini energy and aid in spiritual transformation. — sunstoneholistichealth.com

A mantra given by a true guru has the power to awaken the sleeping kundalini. — wholebeingexplorations.com

Earth Kundalini Earth Kundalini comes from the core of the earth which is actually a large iron crystal. — alchemyrealm.com

The solar force is another name for kundalini or chi. — amirfatir.com

There are various steps or methods with which one can easily learn Kundalini meditation at home. — stylecraze.com

The Root Chakra is regarded as the storage center for Kundalini. — wholistix.ca

The Practitioner would use Music to make the Serpent rise out of the basket metaphorically symbolizing the raised Kundalini Serpent. — prophpbb.com

Awakening Kundalini has advanced yogic breathing techniques that may or may not be good to practice while pregnant. — brainsync.com

Remember that prosperity is an energy itself and the energy of Kundalini can be converted into the energy of prosperity in reality. — mindreality.com

The most sacred mantra of the Rig Veda, namely Gayatri Mantra, is an invocation to Kundalini. — icrcanada.org

Yet another method of awakening the Kundalini is by using visualization and mantras and by awakening the Kundalini from the bottom going up. — awarenessmag.com

Any meditation can be a means of opening the kundalini. — the-unscripted-self.com

Now when the sleeping Kundalini awakens, all the chakras are pierced through. — zanduayurveda.com

To force the awakening of the Kundalini before we are physically, psychologically and morally ready could cause grave consequences. — goldenageofgaia.com

The steps involve in awakening the kundalini is not mentioned here. — kundalini-meditation.com

Kundalini Awakening brings many benefits but one is mental health, the feeling of well being. — nithyananda.org

Sensations of floating, falling, passing out and spinning are common Kundalini experiences. — elcollie.com

The orgasm of sexual union is said to be similar to the trembling and bliss of Kundalini rising. — jonnmumfordconsult.com

The final stage is when chakras are stimulated enough and Kundalini energy dramatically rises up, causing enlightenment. — limitless365.com

The awakening of the kundalini fire under the occult law was dangerous without the assistance of a visible Master. — iamfree.co.za

Breathing Exercises One of the most important things to consider, in or outside Kundalini cleansing, is breathing. — slideshare.net

Carl Jung published a treatise on kundalini yoga in 1932. — shityouregosays.com

Surely the fire being spoken of is spiritual in nature, and what is kundalini except spiritual fire. — think-and-discern.com

The path of kundalini awakening is a one-way path! Similar as a bud having become a flower cannot become a bud again. — advaitavedanta.com

In many Eastern traditions Kundalini is discussed as being a latent spiritual force of immense power and potential. — livelearnevolve.com

Kundalini is said to be a powerful energy that lies dormant in a person’s sacrum until he or she begins to develop spiritually. — iands.org

Weird Sensations A Kundalini awakening is an unexpected odyssey into a realm of strange sensations. — elcollie.com

The ether is where the true transformation takes place when Kundalini is awakened. — aloha.net

In physical terms, one commonly reported Kundalini experience is a feeling like electric current running along the spine. — phillipcoupal.ca

In physical terms, one commonly reported Kundalini experience is a feeling like electric current running along the spine. — phillipcoupal.ca

The Kundalini explosion on the ethereal field will immediately influence the nervous system and create a nervous breakdown. — vinemedium.com.au

There are different methods practically used to safely awaken the kundalini energy in man. — kundalini-meditation.com

The awakening of kundalini is described in tantric yoga which is of a subtle body aspect with the sensations felt in the physical body. — kundalini-meditation.com

The Indian Tradition Knowledge of the mechanism of Kundalini is very ancient. — icrcanada.org

Kundalini has the power of awakening the Consciousness. — gnosticteachings.org

The experiences of Kundalini awakening were so frightening that to express all in words is difficult. — godrealized.com

Meditation is not a technique for awakening the Kundalini. — gnosticteachings.org

Kundalini Shakti is the main way to awaken the Kundalini. — bliss-music.com

The traditional method of kundalini awakening is not an easy process. — kundalini-meditation.com

Kundalini sounds like mania because the energy is very high. — lifeconnectionmag.com

Kundalini is serpent awakening. — sherrytalkradio.com

Lord Shiva is a staunch Yogi with complete control over his kundalini and chakras. — hinduisminfo.com

Kundalini has the power to unleash and unlock barriers within ourselves that is supremely joyful and serene. — lululemon.ch

A quite usual symptom of kundalini awakening is an extreme feeling of plenty of energy. — simonarich.com

Meditation is often used in Kundalini Yoga to bring the awareness to our body. — spiritualexperience.eu

Kundalini is a dormant, creative energy potential in nature and in the body. — healtouch.com

Any kind of spiritual searching before Kundalini rises is merely playing. — kundalinispiritualawakening.com

The role of a teacher serving Kundalini is to deliver the finite consciousness of the student to the infinite. — kundalinispiritualawakening.com

The first is at the beginning of true kundalini awakening in which one feels an acute anxiety and sense of alienation from the world. — berkeley.edu

Inside Sushumna is supposed to circulate kundalini when awakened. — blogspot.ca

Kundalini fire is the negative opposite of the  Kundalini paths of spiritual development. — holon137.com

The Kundalini is the igneous serpent of our magical powers. — gnosticteachings.org

The Kundalini is the Divine Mother. — gnosticteachings.org

Kundalini is the energy that gives and sustains life. — divineenergypark.org

Kundalini is the dormant energy that awakens and falls back to sleep. — divineenergypark.org

Kundalini and Meditation Meditation in itself is a vast subject. — kundalini-shaktipat.com

Kundalini is the light in the senses. — shroomery.org

Kundalini is the Hindu word for the sacred, transformative energy that awakens consciousness. — newagegathering.com

Kundalini is the indicator of our balance and wisdom. — adishakti.org

Kundalini is the underlying energy source for the entire bodymind complex. — johnbodytalk.blogspot.com

Once Kundalini is released, there is no turning back. — orgonevibes.blogspot.com

Kumbhaka is the most powerful of all the direct kundalini stimulators. — aypsite.org

Kundalini experiences are subjective. — jeremymcdonald.net

Kundalini is the conscious grasp of wholeness and the primal force of rebirth. — davidmccainvitalconnections.com

The fully transmuted kundalini is Omega energy. — davidmccainvitalconnections.com

Blocks or obstacles to the full, free flow of kundalini are very common and very numerous. — davidmccainvitalconnections.com


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