Understanding Self Awareness

In my last blog post-article, I did some research on the Kundalini. The research talked mostly about the expansion of consciousness and awareness, which is a pretty big deal to me. In this article I’d like to flesh out a little more understanding of self awareness in a more direct sense.

All the good things in life such a companionship, relaxation, peace of mind can be achieved to inner senses and self awareness. — collective-education.com

Consciousness is self awareness of a subject of itself. — nairaland.com

The soul is that part of us that would include our personality, self awareness, intellect, emotions, etc. — biblestudycourses.net

Consciousness is on a journey of increasing reflective awareness and we exist in a self aware universe. — keysformastery.com

Hypnosis is a state of focused mental concentration, self awareness, watchfulness and heightened emotional sensitivity. — innerharmonyhypnosis.com

The faculty of self-conscious awareness in the human being never seems to be exhausted, even by the whole catalogue of abuse of that power. — hermes-press.com

Staff train professionals and community volunteers, perform local and national advocacy and awareness work, and organize self-help groups. — handicap-international.us

Consciousness and self awareness are elements of future competitive advantage. — jennifersertl.com

Consciousness is very different to self awareness. — isene.me

Presented will be ideas, perceptions, powerful tools and keys that can help influence a greater awareness of self. — casacweb.org

Consciousness is our awareness of self and our awareness of the world around us. — johnassaraf.com

The only way to cure addictions is to build our self awareness instincts. — webtalkradio.net

Opinions without awareness is the same as judging someone, which is just a projection of self judgement. — earthascends.com

Consciousness is more than simple conscious awareness or self awareness. — 50megs.com

To prepare for change, an individual has to promote self awareness by understanding thoughts, feelings and behaviors pertaining to change. — 123helpme.com

In Awareness Through Movement, his discoveries were codified as highly structured self- explorations or guided learning experiments. — davidzemach-bersin.com

Effective mind control is about a level of self awareness, which identifies the physiological sensations and so stills the more troubling drives. — effective-mind-control.com

Awareness sponsor international workshop on Self-aware Internet of Things Posted on September 17, 2012. — aware-project.eu

Reliable self awareness is an important precursor to making effective change. — aqr.co.uk

Awareness of the stream of pure consciousness within us is perhaps the highest state of self-awareness. — drsircus.com

For most people, thoughts are so chaotic, fast, rapid, and everywhere, that self awareness may be a huge step in itself. — stellarbeam.com

Mindfulness is a meditative state of awakened awareness of essential harmony within self, within all relationships, and within all circumstances. — mindspamentor.com

If memory is self awareness, is the dog self-aware Most would object to reducing the awareness of a human mind to that of a dog. — progressiveawareness.org

Pangs of fear can be stilled through self awareness and a few mind control practices. — effective-mind-control.com

Awareness of the environment is the first step in Self realization. — shareintl.org

The Higher Self is our own simple awareness. — sdlifemastery.com

Awareness besides self-awareness means knowing the same concepts apply to others. — joshuaspodek.com

Meditation is the awareness of our true self in alpha. — meditationiseasy.com

Each life experience offers greater self awareness as each obstacle is surmounted. — thegalaxyexpress.com

Consciousness is the missing link and more specifically awareness to the selfish aspects in our action. — gurusfeet.com

Awareness is knowing self, without the mind and ego. — beforeitsnews.com

The power of Now and higher self awareness are synonymous. — ritualmeditation.com

Situational awareness begins with self-knowledge. — edbrenegar.typepad.com

The first and most important steps of a personal development process are self awareness and self knowledge. — bloglet.com

The Self is pure Awareness and the body is impure matter. — nevernotpresent.com

A team built on individuals who have an awareness of self has the potential to be a much more cohesive fighting unit. — yogamodern.com

Different techniques are explained along the way to come to awareness of the transpersonal Self, the universal core in every human being. — 6th-books.com

Emphasis is placed on the development of awareness of self as a leader through extensive assessment and feedback. — opm.gov

Mindfulness and self awareness are great tools for compassionate living. — zenpresence.com

Samadhi is a state where awareness has freed itself from identification with the small self and merged into the pure being of the Self. — lovebliss.eu

The point to our race is to grow and increase our awareness of self until we reach the status of creator himself. — wakingtimes.com

The intention is to embrace a path of more direct awareness, and in a ritualistic way, commit to self realization. — ompalace.ca

In fact there is very little, if anything about self awareness in humans. — wikipedia.org

Language development, as well as an awareness of empathy for others and self esteem are focus points. — findababysitter.com.au

The Ego or personality is a safety function, a minor form of self awareness that is formed by memory. — dragoncourt.org

The Full Spectrum assists clients to be aware of the power of self-awareness. — citcm.com

In the end, our vocation journey is about self-knowledge and awareness. — healingstars.com

Through a massage we increase our self awareness and receive a sense of well-being. — massagebydarla.com

The subject, simply enough, is pure Awareness, the Self, me. — nevernotpresent.com

After years of study in New Age and New Thought a new awareness of self is emerging. — ambafrance-do.org

The goal is to educate and enhance self awareness. — abtherapeutics.net

In short, the true and only self of ever-present, unlimited Awareness seems to become a separate, limited self. — rupertspira.com

Awareness is that pure state of our initiated Self, when we know and Exist as that knowing on all levels. — serapina-light.blogspot.com

Identity is a boundary state of dynamic and reciprocal relation between between our self-awareness and awareness of others. — meaningofdepression.com

Awareness and physical fighting skills will enhance all methods used in personal protection and self defense. — modelmugging.org

Indigo Violet is psychologically related to self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. — zepter.fr

Awareness and cultivation of our internal energy is pathway self mastery. — blackandbrownnews.com

The inferred self goes beyond the self of awareness by including for purposes of inference much that is excluded from self-awareness. — all-about-psychology.com

All are the Eternal Self in truth, regardless of there level of awareness. — spirit-web.org

Deepening Self awareness and understanding our practice will meet us where we are at any stage of life. — yogayoga.com


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