All about Chemtrails

There’s a lot of talk about the plumes that follow many of the jets criss-crossing the sky lately. Some people have noticed that these trails, be they chemical (chemtrails) or just condensation (contrails) are getting so thick, they are all but blotting out the sun at some points.

I too have noticed this in my own area. Rather than ump to conclusions, I have gone ahead and looked up what people are saying about it online.

According to most major conspiracy theory news sources, chemtrails are a real and persistent threat to human existence. —

The human potential calendar seem to be one way people are breaking free of the effects of chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are toxic formulas containing alumina and titanium oxide and polymer fibers. —

There has been formal discussion of chemtrails in the New Zealand Parliament. —

Toxic chemtrails are just another detrimental influence on our natural resources, let alone the condition of our health. —

The chemtrails are being laid and the cards are being played. —

The technologies identified in ChemTrails are crude, poisonous and lethal. —

Chemtrails are nonsense at best and disinformation at worst. —

Chemtrails are nothing short of weapons of mass destruction. —

there are several online groups as well devoted to discussing chemtrails, and practicing various modes of creative resistance and prevention. —

CHEMTRAILS are the deliberate dispersal of chemicals from an aeroplane into the atmosphere. —

Chemtrails are just a conspiracy theory. —

Chemtrails are showers of chemicals poured over determined areas with the intent of affecting weather patterns. —

Barium is a major component of the aerosol spraying operation called chemtrails. —

Generally speaking, public officials are not going to be helpful until enough people actively oppose chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are just another conspiracy theory put out by paranoid people who think everything is a conspiracy. —

The post Man-made Clouds appeared first on Chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are said to consist of tiny particles of harmful toxins like Aluminum and Barium. —

No city, county or state elected officials are saying a word about chemtrails. —

Most people who look up to the sky at anytime time during the day, wonder at the trails that are left behind by aircraft. —

According to a Canadian journalist, chemtrails are a government-sponsored climate modification experiment. —

There are many reports of increased diseases, especially respiratory ailments, in areas where there are chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are likely used to track armies, move viruses around. —

There is much information about chemtrails on conspiracy sites but reports are now to be seen on mainstream media. —

Many people believe that chemtrails are poisons being rained down on us. —

While chemtrails are feasible by smaller planes, the dispersion rate at the higher altitudes by commercial aircraft limit the effectiveness. —

The amount of information on the Internet on Chemtrails is increasing at a high rate. —

Chemtrails are nothing more than a method of distribution to mass areas. —

Have we forgotten that chemtrails are a GENOCIDAL operation designed to drastically reduce world population. —

A famous neurosurgeon about consequences of chemtrails Herndon is not the only scientist who is researching about aluminium poisoning. —

Many trees and wild plants are suffering from the effects of chemtrails. —

Often the various theories will be thrown together into a chemtrails conspiracy soup. —

Chemtrails are a relatively recent phenomenon of the last five to ten years. —

Uploaded videos from every country show chemtrails are being laid everywhere. —

After researching chemtrails for a few years now I’ve concluded that they’re a multi-purpose phenomenon. —

The British government has released a couple of official statements telling us that chemtrails do not exist. —

More likely, chemtrails are being used because scientists are desperate to cool our Earth’s rising temperature. —

Let’s start with the popular assumption that covert departments within the US government, and only the US, are creating the chemtrails. —

Canadian journalist William Thomas, who is credited as one of the first people to be kicking up a fuss about chemtrails, wrote Chemtrails Confirmed. —

Chemtrails are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for. —

Chemtrails are absolutely a reality. —

By him spraying CW-7 in chemtrails to curb the effects of Global Warming. —

The sky was a mess over here! Around 11Am there were massive chemtrails over our yard and house. —

Toxic poisoning can be from environment, chemtrails, vaccine, food and water. —

The chemtrails are loaded with the soil killers aluminum and barium, and if the soil dies, we die. —

The global chemtrails conspiracy is very real. —

Chemtrails are happening globally and have been going on long before Obama was president. —

Chemtrails are the primary means of attack. —

No compelling evidence of chemtrails exists, and almost everything used as proof of them is either fake or out of context. —

The darker chemtrails are intended to assist in a dramatic change in a weather pattern. —

The chemtrails are hiding Planet X. —

Chemtrails are intimately tied to how we experience weather. —

Chemtrails are mostly poured out over the western world. —

Geoengineering And Chemtrails What is the point of geoengineering. —

Geoengineering is a tested concept, the idea that it’s being done by Chemtrails is an imaginary elaboration. —

The time to deny chemtrails is past and shows utter ignorance or willful agenda. —

Specifically photos that are of something else in Scotland, that just happen to have chemtrails in the background. —

There is a real concern that chemtrails serve a role in a planned depopulation program. —

Whatever the root cause, the symptoms are clearly caused by both amalgam fillings and by chemtrails. —

The chemtrails are being regularly left in the skies of all countries in the NATO alliance. —

There is a real concern that chemtrails serve a role in a planned depopulation program. —

There is no damn way chemtrails have been around since planes started flying. —

Climate geoengineering is definitely going on, and one need only to start looking up regularly to see the chemtrails. —

Illnesses have multiplied exponentially, many of which are linked to chemtrails. —

During the past several years some of the media have raised questions about chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are used to aid weather modification by charging the atmosphere with metal particulates, our atmosphere hasn’t been neutral for years. —

Chemtrails are being altered for whatever spectrum of wavelength they’re trying to bounce off of them. —

After years of denial of chemtrails by the US government, the topic of chemtrails was finally discussed at the United Nations. —

There are scientists and our own governments published research supporting geo engineering supporting chemtrails are not theory. —

in others words, chemtrails are military RADAR and SATELLITES STUFF. —

Chemtrails are tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory, garbage, plain and simple. —

If the Illuminati are using chemtrails to decrease the surplus population they’re certainly doing a lousy job. —

There has been ample documented evidence proving chemtrails from former pilots and military officers. —


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