Natural Birth Control

There is so much pressure on us from an early age to be aware of and employ safe sex practices. Yet, all of what I personally remember being taught involved the use of pharmaceutical drugs or condoms.

Out of curiosity, I have accumulated a list of details from my searches online and you can see what I managed to discover below.


Herbal and natural remedies are the safe way for birth control and enjoy the healthy life without any worry. —

Natural Methods of Birth Control Natural methods of birth control, called fertility awareness, can be practiced to avoid pregnancy. —

Birth control medication and latex condoms, for instance, are not examples of natural birth control methods. —

The disagreement over birth control arises in part from the debate over what is natural and what is artificial. —

Birth control pills contain an excessive estrogen component, and by suppressing ovulation, natural progesterone production is decreased. —

Wild yam is called a natural progesterone and is what most birth control pills are made from. —

Birth control pills are powerful drugs and contain hormones that are not natural to the human body. —

Condoms Most of us are familiar with condoms by now, and they’re still the only birth control method that prevents STDs. —

Probably figured anyone who was dumb enough to try natural birth control was dumb enough to keep getting pregnant. —

Remember that the most successful form of natural birth control is a combination of two or more methods. —

The democratization of natural birth control methods is an important step in women’s emancipation from unnecessary pharmaceuticals. —

LAM is the only completely natural form of birth control that does not require any abstinence. —

Counterfeit hormones, including birth control pills, are produced by pharmaceutical companies and do not occur naturally in the human body. —

Foreplay and intercourse happen naturally when birth control pills are being used. —

Neem oil is being used around the world by men and women who want to practice birth control naturally. —

The effectiveness of natural birth control methods is sometimes said to be as high as the effectiveness of traditional birth control methods. —

There are natural, effective birth control alternatives without the side effects of the pills. —

Birth control pills can be ways heal acne scars naturally. —

Every single form of birth control whether artificial or natural requires following a routine. —

The Traditional Method of Taking The Pill The concept behind traditional birth control pills is to mimic a natural menstrual cycle. —

The Catholic Church is opposed to contraception and recommends natural family planning methods as a way to avoid unwanted pregnancies. —

A standard example demonstrating the difference between contraception and natural family planning, is the analogy with eating. —


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