Natural Birth Control

There is so much pressure on us from an early age to be aware of and employ safe sex practices. Yet, all of what I personally remember being taught involved the use of pharmaceutical drugs or condoms.

Out of curiosity, I have accumulated a list of details from my searches online and you can see what I managed to discover below.


Herbal and natural remedies are the safe way for birth control and enjoy the healthy life without any worry. —

Natural Methods of Birth Control Natural methods of birth control, called fertility awareness, can be practiced to avoid pregnancy. —

Birth control medication and latex condoms, for instance, are not examples of natural birth control methods. —

The disagreement over birth control arises in part from the debate over what is natural and what is artificial. —

Birth control pills contain an excessive estrogen component, and by suppressing ovulation, natural progesterone production is decreased. —

Wild yam is called a natural progesterone and is what most birth control pills are made from. —

Birth control pills are powerful drugs and contain hormones that are not natural to the human body. —

Condoms Most of us are familiar with condoms by now, and they’re still the only birth control method that prevents STDs. —

Probably figured anyone who was dumb enough to try natural birth control was dumb enough to keep getting pregnant. —

Remember that the most successful form of natural birth control is a combination of two or more methods. —

The democratization of natural birth control methods is an important step in women’s emancipation from unnecessary pharmaceuticals. —

LAM is the only completely natural form of birth control that does not require any abstinence. —

Counterfeit hormones, including birth control pills, are produced by pharmaceutical companies and do not occur naturally in the human body. —

Foreplay and intercourse happen naturally when birth control pills are being used. —

Neem oil is being used around the world by men and women who want to practice birth control naturally. —

The effectiveness of natural birth control methods is sometimes said to be as high as the effectiveness of traditional birth control methods. —

There are natural, effective birth control alternatives without the side effects of the pills. —

Birth control pills can be ways heal acne scars naturally. —

Every single form of birth control whether artificial or natural requires following a routine. —

The Traditional Method of Taking The Pill The concept behind traditional birth control pills is to mimic a natural menstrual cycle. —

The Catholic Church is opposed to contraception and recommends natural family planning methods as a way to avoid unwanted pregnancies. —

A standard example demonstrating the difference between contraception and natural family planning, is the analogy with eating. —


A cure for Herpes

You just never know what you are going to find online. Recently somebody asked me if I could use my internet research skills to unveil any cheaper treatments and or potential cures for the herpes virus.

Here’s what I found. – Some redundancy is to be expected as that demonstrates a broader range of concurrance.


Hot and cold therapy for herpes One home remedy for any kind of pain, including pain from herpes, is hot and cold therapy. —

Research has shown that neem extract can kill the herpes virus and quickly heal cold sores. —

Honey Honey is a organic home remedy for a bunch of health issues and cures herpes faster. —

Herpes Research conducted in Dubai shows that honey is an effective topical treatment for both oral and genital herpes. —

There are already many studies conducted that supports the success of honey as a remedy to herpes. —

Some of the medical issues that neem is used to treat include heart disease, herpes, liver illnesses, malaria, stomach ulcers, and viral diseases. —

africa has the cure Neem oil and herpes. —

Neem cream is purported to reduce the likelihood of herpes transmission when used as a sexual lubricant. —

Neem has been shown to be efficacious against herpes virus and the viral DNA polymers of the hepatitis B virus. —

Research has shown that neem extract can kill the herpes virus and quickly heal cold sores. —

Athlete’s foot, thrush, candida infestations, and herpes viruses are easily cleared up and prevented when Neem is used. —

All about Chemtrails

There’s a lot of talk about the plumes that follow many of the jets criss-crossing the sky lately. Some people have noticed that these trails, be they chemical (chemtrails) or just condensation (contrails) are getting so thick, they are all but blotting out the sun at some points.

I too have noticed this in my own area. Rather than ump to conclusions, I have gone ahead and looked up what people are saying about it online.

According to most major conspiracy theory news sources, chemtrails are a real and persistent threat to human existence. —

The human potential calendar seem to be one way people are breaking free of the effects of chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are toxic formulas containing alumina and titanium oxide and polymer fibers. —

There has been formal discussion of chemtrails in the New Zealand Parliament. —

Toxic chemtrails are just another detrimental influence on our natural resources, let alone the condition of our health. —

The chemtrails are being laid and the cards are being played. —

The technologies identified in ChemTrails are crude, poisonous and lethal. —

Chemtrails are nonsense at best and disinformation at worst. —

Chemtrails are nothing short of weapons of mass destruction. —

there are several online groups as well devoted to discussing chemtrails, and practicing various modes of creative resistance and prevention. —

CHEMTRAILS are the deliberate dispersal of chemicals from an aeroplane into the atmosphere. —

Chemtrails are just a conspiracy theory. —

Chemtrails are showers of chemicals poured over determined areas with the intent of affecting weather patterns. —

Barium is a major component of the aerosol spraying operation called chemtrails. —

Generally speaking, public officials are not going to be helpful until enough people actively oppose chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are just another conspiracy theory put out by paranoid people who think everything is a conspiracy. —

The post Man-made Clouds appeared first on Chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are said to consist of tiny particles of harmful toxins like Aluminum and Barium. —

No city, county or state elected officials are saying a word about chemtrails. —

Most people who look up to the sky at anytime time during the day, wonder at the trails that are left behind by aircraft. —

According to a Canadian journalist, chemtrails are a government-sponsored climate modification experiment. —

There are many reports of increased diseases, especially respiratory ailments, in areas where there are chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are likely used to track armies, move viruses around. —

There is much information about chemtrails on conspiracy sites but reports are now to be seen on mainstream media. —

Many people believe that chemtrails are poisons being rained down on us. —

While chemtrails are feasible by smaller planes, the dispersion rate at the higher altitudes by commercial aircraft limit the effectiveness. —

The amount of information on the Internet on Chemtrails is increasing at a high rate. —

Chemtrails are nothing more than a method of distribution to mass areas. —

Have we forgotten that chemtrails are a GENOCIDAL operation designed to drastically reduce world population. —

A famous neurosurgeon about consequences of chemtrails Herndon is not the only scientist who is researching about aluminium poisoning. —

Many trees and wild plants are suffering from the effects of chemtrails. —

Often the various theories will be thrown together into a chemtrails conspiracy soup. —

Chemtrails are a relatively recent phenomenon of the last five to ten years. —

Uploaded videos from every country show chemtrails are being laid everywhere. —

After researching chemtrails for a few years now I’ve concluded that they’re a multi-purpose phenomenon. —

The British government has released a couple of official statements telling us that chemtrails do not exist. —

More likely, chemtrails are being used because scientists are desperate to cool our Earth’s rising temperature. —

Let’s start with the popular assumption that covert departments within the US government, and only the US, are creating the chemtrails. —

Canadian journalist William Thomas, who is credited as one of the first people to be kicking up a fuss about chemtrails, wrote Chemtrails Confirmed. —

Chemtrails are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for. —

Chemtrails are absolutely a reality. —

By him spraying CW-7 in chemtrails to curb the effects of Global Warming. —

The sky was a mess over here! Around 11Am there were massive chemtrails over our yard and house. —

Toxic poisoning can be from environment, chemtrails, vaccine, food and water. —

The chemtrails are loaded with the soil killers aluminum and barium, and if the soil dies, we die. —

The global chemtrails conspiracy is very real. —

Chemtrails are happening globally and have been going on long before Obama was president. —

Chemtrails are the primary means of attack. —

No compelling evidence of chemtrails exists, and almost everything used as proof of them is either fake or out of context. —

The darker chemtrails are intended to assist in a dramatic change in a weather pattern. —

The chemtrails are hiding Planet X. —

Chemtrails are intimately tied to how we experience weather. —

Chemtrails are mostly poured out over the western world. —

Geoengineering And Chemtrails What is the point of geoengineering. —

Geoengineering is a tested concept, the idea that it’s being done by Chemtrails is an imaginary elaboration. —

The time to deny chemtrails is past and shows utter ignorance or willful agenda. —

Specifically photos that are of something else in Scotland, that just happen to have chemtrails in the background. —

There is a real concern that chemtrails serve a role in a planned depopulation program. —

Whatever the root cause, the symptoms are clearly caused by both amalgam fillings and by chemtrails. —

The chemtrails are being regularly left in the skies of all countries in the NATO alliance. —

There is a real concern that chemtrails serve a role in a planned depopulation program. —

There is no damn way chemtrails have been around since planes started flying. —

Climate geoengineering is definitely going on, and one need only to start looking up regularly to see the chemtrails. —

Illnesses have multiplied exponentially, many of which are linked to chemtrails. —

During the past several years some of the media have raised questions about chemtrails. —

Chemtrails are used to aid weather modification by charging the atmosphere with metal particulates, our atmosphere hasn’t been neutral for years. —

Chemtrails are being altered for whatever spectrum of wavelength they’re trying to bounce off of them. —

After years of denial of chemtrails by the US government, the topic of chemtrails was finally discussed at the United Nations. —

There are scientists and our own governments published research supporting geo engineering supporting chemtrails are not theory. —

in others words, chemtrails are military RADAR and SATELLITES STUFF. —

Chemtrails are tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory, garbage, plain and simple. —

If the Illuminati are using chemtrails to decrease the surplus population they’re certainly doing a lousy job. —

There has been ample documented evidence proving chemtrails from former pilots and military officers. —

Super foods

As some of you may have guessed. I have a bit of a fascination with healthy foods and home remmedies. That said, here is some general internet research on super foods.
Super foods are exactly that, foods that have been found to have super hero qualities. —

Not all supplements and super foods are created equal. —

Some of the best super foods can be found at almost any store or supermarket. —

Try Spinach Spinach is one of the ultimate super foods out there. —

Nutrition can be improved by the consumption of whole foods, fresh juices, super foods supplements and food concentrates. —

Healthy fats and protein rich salmon is one of the super foods that reverse aging skin amazingly. —

Fuelling up on super foods is a great way to provide the body with nutrients and not over eat. —

Consuming high quality super foods on a regular basis will help with many common health problems. —

Research is showing that enjoying whole foods is far superior to eating the individual constituents. —

life is fragile, people who eat super foods still get hit by cars and some people eat fast food and wont ever have a heart attack. —

Officials had determined where the contaminated foods had been purchased by accessing supermarket loyalty club records. —

There are many super healthy foods out there. —

The first rule is to not eat any sugar, foods with added sugar or super sweet foods. —

There are many super healthy foods out there. —

The B3 Smoothie Program is how we provide SUPER FOODS to our residents. —

There are some super foods which are responsible to cure fertility problem. —

Herbs and spices are nature’s super foods. —

Residue from insecticides and food additives can be found in most foods sold on our supermarket shelves. —

Many fruits and vegetables are super foods. —

Foods in the supermarkets are grown for a price per kilo, not for quality. —

Top Vegetarian Super Foods for Weight Loss Super food is a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits. —

Genetically modified foods are in our diets and on the shelves in the supermarket. —

Sea vegetables are super foods and the nutrients are too numerous to list. —

Certain foods, such as dairy products, may be superheated to ensure pathogenic microbes are destroyed. —

The fact is coconut oil is one of the healthiest super foods known. —

In the future some super foods will aid cells to recover. —

Three alkaline super foods are barley grass powder, soy sprouts and cucumbers which have alkaline values of over 28. —

Walnuts and sunflower seeds are some super foods that are under appreciated. —

There is no formal definition of super foods. —

Fish is one of the super foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. —

All foods are now sold through large supermarket chains, which in times of crisis can be easily used to control people through lack of supply. —

In terms of calories per protein ratio few natural foods are superior when trying to lose weight and or gain muscle. —

Take a look through the freezer section at the supermarket to see which foods can be made ahead and frozen. —

Isolates from supplement manufacturers are superior to raw whole foods that all animals on earth eat. —

Commercial foods are far superior to diets composed of ingredients found in our kitchens. —

Acai is listed on Super Foods lists, gives energy naturally and is packed with nutrients like antioxidants and amino. —

The combination of the various super foods used in the Raspberry Ketone products make for an excellent supplement that is effective in weight loss. —

Popular foods we see everyday in supermarkets are greatly lacking in fiber. —

Coconut Oil As one of the most popular super foods, coconut oil is known for having lots of wonderful health benefits. —

It’s a common fact that fresh food is always superior in every which way. —

Walnuts are super foods that can help to ward off several degenerative diseases. —

Cherries are definitely another one of nature’s super foods. —

Almonds are rich in Lean Proteins Almond is a kind of super foods that become a warehouse for lean protein. —

Sprouts are simply one of the original super foods for the human body. —

no doubt about it, tuna and salmon are super foods. —

Some people still think that protein from animals is superior to that from vegetarian sources. —

Acidic body has been linked to various diseases and lemon is one of the super foods to reduce the risk. —

Anti inflammatory super foods are the most powerful, safest and most effective natural remedy in treating and managing RA. —

Out of all the protein foods, fish is far superior, an ideal food for reducing adipose tissue fast. —

Veggies are a tremendous source of nutritional vitamins, minerals and fibre making a lot of of them super foods for fast weight reduction. —

Hemp seed and oil products are legitimate super foods that are chock full of goodness. —

Foods such as apples, carrots and broccoli are sometimes included in the super food category. —

Acai is listed on Super Foods lists, gives energy naturally and is packed with nutrients like antioxidants and amino acids. —

Watercress is one of the top super foods. —

Genetically modified foods first hit supermarket shelves in 1996. —

By definition, super foods are low in calories and high in nutrients, how amazing. —

Key nutrients and protective super foods including broccoli, green tea extract and kale are included to support breast health. —

Understanding Self Awareness

In my last blog post-article, I did some research on the Kundalini. The research talked mostly about the expansion of consciousness and awareness, which is a pretty big deal to me. In this article I’d like to flesh out a little more understanding of self awareness in a more direct sense.

All the good things in life such a companionship, relaxation, peace of mind can be achieved to inner senses and self awareness. —

Consciousness is self awareness of a subject of itself. —

The soul is that part of us that would include our personality, self awareness, intellect, emotions, etc. —

Consciousness is on a journey of increasing reflective awareness and we exist in a self aware universe. —

Hypnosis is a state of focused mental concentration, self awareness, watchfulness and heightened emotional sensitivity. —

The faculty of self-conscious awareness in the human being never seems to be exhausted, even by the whole catalogue of abuse of that power. —

Staff train professionals and community volunteers, perform local and national advocacy and awareness work, and organize self-help groups. —

Consciousness and self awareness are elements of future competitive advantage. —

Consciousness is very different to self awareness. —

Presented will be ideas, perceptions, powerful tools and keys that can help influence a greater awareness of self. —

Consciousness is our awareness of self and our awareness of the world around us. —

The only way to cure addictions is to build our self awareness instincts. —

Opinions without awareness is the same as judging someone, which is just a projection of self judgement. —

Consciousness is more than simple conscious awareness or self awareness. —

To prepare for change, an individual has to promote self awareness by understanding thoughts, feelings and behaviors pertaining to change. —

In Awareness Through Movement, his discoveries were codified as highly structured self- explorations or guided learning experiments. —

Effective mind control is about a level of self awareness, which identifies the physiological sensations and so stills the more troubling drives. —

Awareness sponsor international workshop on Self-aware Internet of Things Posted on September 17, 2012. —

Reliable self awareness is an important precursor to making effective change. —

Awareness of the stream of pure consciousness within us is perhaps the highest state of self-awareness. —

For most people, thoughts are so chaotic, fast, rapid, and everywhere, that self awareness may be a huge step in itself. —

Mindfulness is a meditative state of awakened awareness of essential harmony within self, within all relationships, and within all circumstances. —

If memory is self awareness, is the dog self-aware Most would object to reducing the awareness of a human mind to that of a dog. —

Pangs of fear can be stilled through self awareness and a few mind control practices. —

Awareness of the environment is the first step in Self realization. —

The Higher Self is our own simple awareness. —

Awareness besides self-awareness means knowing the same concepts apply to others. —

Meditation is the awareness of our true self in alpha. —

Each life experience offers greater self awareness as each obstacle is surmounted. —

Consciousness is the missing link and more specifically awareness to the selfish aspects in our action. —

Awareness is knowing self, without the mind and ego. —

The power of Now and higher self awareness are synonymous. —

Situational awareness begins with self-knowledge. —

The first and most important steps of a personal development process are self awareness and self knowledge. —

The Self is pure Awareness and the body is impure matter. —

A team built on individuals who have an awareness of self has the potential to be a much more cohesive fighting unit. —

Different techniques are explained along the way to come to awareness of the transpersonal Self, the universal core in every human being. —

Emphasis is placed on the development of awareness of self as a leader through extensive assessment and feedback. —

Mindfulness and self awareness are great tools for compassionate living. —

Samadhi is a state where awareness has freed itself from identification with the small self and merged into the pure being of the Self. —

The point to our race is to grow and increase our awareness of self until we reach the status of creator himself. —

The intention is to embrace a path of more direct awareness, and in a ritualistic way, commit to self realization. —

In fact there is very little, if anything about self awareness in humans. —

Language development, as well as an awareness of empathy for others and self esteem are focus points. —

The Ego or personality is a safety function, a minor form of self awareness that is formed by memory. —

The Full Spectrum assists clients to be aware of the power of self-awareness. —

In the end, our vocation journey is about self-knowledge and awareness. —

Through a massage we increase our self awareness and receive a sense of well-being. —

The subject, simply enough, is pure Awareness, the Self, me. —

After years of study in New Age and New Thought a new awareness of self is emerging. —

The goal is to educate and enhance self awareness. —

In short, the true and only self of ever-present, unlimited Awareness seems to become a separate, limited self. —

Awareness is that pure state of our initiated Self, when we know and Exist as that knowing on all levels. —

Identity is a boundary state of dynamic and reciprocal relation between between our self-awareness and awareness of others. —

Awareness and physical fighting skills will enhance all methods used in personal protection and self defense. —

Indigo Violet is psychologically related to self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. —

Awareness and cultivation of our internal energy is pathway self mastery. —

The inferred self goes beyond the self of awareness by including for purposes of inference much that is excluded from self-awareness. —

All are the Eternal Self in truth, regardless of there level of awareness. —

Deepening Self awareness and understanding our practice will meet us where we are at any stage of life. —


Kundalini has been sort of a buzzword I’ve heard come up a lot lately with regards to meditation, qi, conscious awareness and spiritual growth. I have taken it upon myself to see how much I could pull from the internet about it.

In this article, redundancy serves no real purpose, so I will be aiming more for variety.

The third eye is the command center controlling the ecstatic aspects of the enlightenment process, which is the orderly awakening of kundalini. —

In the awakening of kundalini, the first important thing that we have to do is awaken the chakras. —

Restraint transformation is the first step for descending into the inner core of awakening kundalini and seed subliminal impressions. —

Intense energy can be used to activate internal awareness, to fire the kundalini, and stimulate the flow of qi within the body. —

One of the side effects of improper, premature awakening of the Kundalini is having an excessive or unregulated sex drive. —

Transformation and Kundalini The transformation of the Soul into more advanced states of spiritual evolution can be achieved by several means. —

Chakra paintings are used in kundalini yoga seminars. —

There are likely psychiatrists or psychologists right now trying to help patients with Kundalini awakening symptoms. —

Frisson has been associated with flow states, awe, enlightenment, the rising of Kundalini or the presence of God. —

Chakra frequencies are associated with our inner power, referred to in eastern religions as the kundalini. —

Gemstone serpentine is believed to awaken kundalini energy and aid in spiritual transformation. —

A mantra given by a true guru has the power to awaken the sleeping kundalini. —

Earth Kundalini Earth Kundalini comes from the core of the earth which is actually a large iron crystal. —

The solar force is another name for kundalini or chi. —

There are various steps or methods with which one can easily learn Kundalini meditation at home. —

The Root Chakra is regarded as the storage center for Kundalini. —

The Practitioner would use Music to make the Serpent rise out of the basket metaphorically symbolizing the raised Kundalini Serpent. —

Awakening Kundalini has advanced yogic breathing techniques that may or may not be good to practice while pregnant. —

Remember that prosperity is an energy itself and the energy of Kundalini can be converted into the energy of prosperity in reality. —

The most sacred mantra of the Rig Veda, namely Gayatri Mantra, is an invocation to Kundalini. —

Yet another method of awakening the Kundalini is by using visualization and mantras and by awakening the Kundalini from the bottom going up. —

Any meditation can be a means of opening the kundalini. —

Now when the sleeping Kundalini awakens, all the chakras are pierced through. —

To force the awakening of the Kundalini before we are physically, psychologically and morally ready could cause grave consequences. —

The steps involve in awakening the kundalini is not mentioned here. —

Kundalini Awakening brings many benefits but one is mental health, the feeling of well being. —

Sensations of floating, falling, passing out and spinning are common Kundalini experiences. —

The orgasm of sexual union is said to be similar to the trembling and bliss of Kundalini rising. —

The final stage is when chakras are stimulated enough and Kundalini energy dramatically rises up, causing enlightenment. —

The awakening of the kundalini fire under the occult law was dangerous without the assistance of a visible Master. —

Breathing Exercises One of the most important things to consider, in or outside Kundalini cleansing, is breathing. —

Carl Jung published a treatise on kundalini yoga in 1932. —

Surely the fire being spoken of is spiritual in nature, and what is kundalini except spiritual fire. —

The path of kundalini awakening is a one-way path! Similar as a bud having become a flower cannot become a bud again. —

In many Eastern traditions Kundalini is discussed as being a latent spiritual force of immense power and potential. —

Kundalini is said to be a powerful energy that lies dormant in a person’s sacrum until he or she begins to develop spiritually. —

Weird Sensations A Kundalini awakening is an unexpected odyssey into a realm of strange sensations. —

The ether is where the true transformation takes place when Kundalini is awakened. —

In physical terms, one commonly reported Kundalini experience is a feeling like electric current running along the spine. —

In physical terms, one commonly reported Kundalini experience is a feeling like electric current running along the spine. —

The Kundalini explosion on the ethereal field will immediately influence the nervous system and create a nervous breakdown. —

There are different methods practically used to safely awaken the kundalini energy in man. —

The awakening of kundalini is described in tantric yoga which is of a subtle body aspect with the sensations felt in the physical body. —

The Indian Tradition Knowledge of the mechanism of Kundalini is very ancient. —

Kundalini has the power of awakening the Consciousness. —

The experiences of Kundalini awakening were so frightening that to express all in words is difficult. —

Meditation is not a technique for awakening the Kundalini. —

Kundalini Shakti is the main way to awaken the Kundalini. —

The traditional method of kundalini awakening is not an easy process. —

Kundalini sounds like mania because the energy is very high. —

Kundalini is serpent awakening. —

Lord Shiva is a staunch Yogi with complete control over his kundalini and chakras. —

Kundalini has the power to unleash and unlock barriers within ourselves that is supremely joyful and serene. —

A quite usual symptom of kundalini awakening is an extreme feeling of plenty of energy. —

Meditation is often used in Kundalini Yoga to bring the awareness to our body. —

Kundalini is a dormant, creative energy potential in nature and in the body. —

Any kind of spiritual searching before Kundalini rises is merely playing. —

The role of a teacher serving Kundalini is to deliver the finite consciousness of the student to the infinite. —

The first is at the beginning of true kundalini awakening in which one feels an acute anxiety and sense of alienation from the world. —

Inside Sushumna is supposed to circulate kundalini when awakened. —

Kundalini fire is the negative opposite of theĀ  Kundalini paths of spiritual development. —

The Kundalini is the igneous serpent of our magical powers. —

The Kundalini is the Divine Mother. —

Kundalini is the energy that gives and sustains life. —

Kundalini is the dormant energy that awakens and falls back to sleep. —

Kundalini and Meditation Meditation in itself is a vast subject. —

Kundalini is the light in the senses. —

Kundalini is the Hindu word for the sacred, transformative energy that awakens consciousness. —

Kundalini is the indicator of our balance and wisdom. —

Kundalini is the underlying energy source for the entire bodymind complex. —

Once Kundalini is released, there is no turning back. —

Kumbhaka is the most powerful of all the direct kundalini stimulators. —

Kundalini experiences are subjective. —

Kundalini is the conscious grasp of wholeness and the primal force of rebirth. —

The fully transmuted kundalini is Omega energy. —

Blocks or obstacles to the full, free flow of kundalini are very common and very numerous. —

Superstitions & Beliefs

As the title indicates, this article is intended to shed some light on how the internet sees beliefs and why they occur.

All forms of worship and all dogmatic beliefs are wish projections. —

A common misconception is that what makes a group a cult is that the members have crazy beliefs. —

Beliefs are convictions and opinions based upon thoughts formed on the linear plane of consciousness. —

Folk Religions are outside of strictly theological and liturgical forms of official religions and represent a combination of beliefs and practices. —

As science progresses and new inventions and discoveries are made, the fundamentally held beliefs of the physical world keep changing. —

The point is that our experiences are made meaningful by our implicit beliefs and the two basically work together. —

Practically every day there are new discoveries being made and old beliefs proven wrong. —

Simply put, there are discoveries that have been made which directly contradict the beliefs set forth by mainstream scholars. —

Truth is immanent in all forms of beliefs. —

Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality, that one event causes another without a natural process linking the two events. —

The theory of intelligent design and creationism is based on superstition and has no place in schools. —

Some people are prone to superstition, syncretism, UFOs and lifestyle fictions, or need to have a handy place to fix the blame. —

Modern science, which was born to fight the superstition of religion, has become a source of superstition. —

Theosophy teaches that all superstition must be removed before Nirvana can be achieved. —

The incidence and propagation of superstition is one of the primary phenomena of human societies of which a rational sociology must take account. —

Superstition has always been, and forever will be, the foe of progress and the enemy of right education. —

Superstition and magical thinking are natural processes of a learning brain. —

Indoctrination has to be stopped and as with me, the only way to be broken out of that indoctrination is to have ones faulty beliefs exposed. —

Beliefs are fine, but there’s a real tendency in the conspiracy world to dismiss facts that contradict one’s beliefs. —

As we change our point of view old beliefs will give way to beliefs that are more true. —